Academic Council

Minutes: 2-28-05 meeting

3-5 pm

Submitted by Brad Krein


Present:            Brad Krein, Brian McMahon, Catur Holcombe, Margery Regalado (for Claire Biancalana), Jay Jackson, Jennifer Lee, Alice Rink, Gloria Garing, Ekua Omosupe, Joseph Krause, Kathy Niven , Jon Nordgren,  Mary Ellen Sullivan, David Sheftman


Guests:             Topsey Smalley.


Absent: Maggie Rincovsky, Robert Diller, Claire Biancalana,


Call to order: 3:06


Minutes from 2/14/05 accepted.


Old Business


The following was approved for AR 3010 under graduation requirements under I. A.:


10. A Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts degree from a regionally accredited college or university will satisfy all general education and competency requirements for Cabrillo’s non-transfer AA and AS degrees, with the exception of the multicultural requirement, and program specific graduation requirements.


New Business


Mary Ellen brought forth a petition for a student who passed ECE 131 to have that course satisfy area D, which ECE 31 does satisfy and is very similar to ECE 131. Motion was made, seconded and approved


Items from the floor


Mary Ellen warned the committee that an IGETCY-like list would be forthcoming.


The meeting adjourned at 3:32