Academic Council Auxilliary Page


Enforcement, interpretation, and waiving of academic regulations are handled by the Academic Council, a standing committee of the Faculty Senate.

The Academic Council makes recommendations on matters which affect the academic standards of the college, including consideration of admission, grading, graduation, and course transfer issues.

A student who wishes exemption from any college requirement shall prepare a petition after consultation with a counselor. The student may present the petition personally to the council or have it presented by a counselor. The administration will apply policies established by the council to student petitions.

Academic Council Membership


Agendas and Minutes

For minutes or agendas go to BoardDocs

Getting on the Agenda

To get on upcoming agenda, fill out the appropriate form(s), send them to me, Brad Krein, and I will then put you on the next available meeting agenda. At the meeting when your request is being considered, the committee will determine if the request fulfills all the requirements needed. If so, the request will be approved. It is recommended that the person initiating the request be present to answer any questions that arise in considering the request.


The Multicultural List?

If you are trying to get on the multicultural list (Multicultural Requirement), you will need:


After you have the documents ready, see "Getting on the Agenda"


Baccalaureate Credit?

If your course is a transfer level course, or you are seeking a transfer-level course number (numbered 1-99), you need to identify ONE CSU or ONE UC course taught at the lower-division. Check University course numbering systems to see if the course is lower-division.


If there are no CSU or UC courses that are equivalent to your course you will need:


After you have the documents ready, see "Getting on the Agenda"


Adding a course to GE list?

If you wish to add your course to the GE list for a particular area (Which area does my course belong to? ) you will need:



After you have the documents ready, see "Getting on the Agenda"


Timelines on when the course can be offered for GE credit: For CSU and IGETC credit the Academic Concil doesn't make the decision. The Council approves them to be submitted to the appropriate bodies. For CSU approval submission is in December and approval is made in April/May. For IGETC, submission is by June and approvals are made in August/September. See timelines attachment.


***: Requested course information from eLumen: General Information, Units and Hours, Specialty Hours, Requisites, Learning Outcomes and Objectives, and Outcomes. Click on how-to link for steps.

Other reasons?

Contact the chair directly

Forms and Criteria

Cabrillo College Articulation page


Guiding Notes for GE Reviewers-CSU and IGETC


CSU GE/Breadth Areas A-E Criteria


US History, Constitution and American Ideals Requirement


IGETC Criteria


IGETC and CSU Timelines