Academic Council

Minutes: 2/23/15 meeting

3-5 pm

Submitted by Brad Krein


Present: Brad Krein, Carolyn Jackson, Dusty McKenzie, Ekua Omosupe, Evgeny Yakushev, Jay Jackson, Jennifer Lee, Joseph Krause, Josh Blaustein, Louis Compoginis, Marcie Wald


Guests: None


Absent: Kathie Welch, Kim Belliveau, Tama Bolton, Valeria Che, Victoria May


Call to order: 3:07


Minutes from 11/24/14 approved with one correction. The minutes incorrectly referred to CG1 instead of CG 51. The correction was subsequently made.


Old Business




New Business


Carolyn Jackson brought a petition for a change to the change the "Language revision for course equivalencies of one and two-course sequences." After some discussion and suggestions the petition was withdrawn pending revision.


Carolyn also brought a request to give a report as an informational item of dance, kinesiology, and athletics activity courses that are proposed for area E instead of bringing them to the council for discussion and a vote. The request was approved.


The meeting adjourned at 3:27