Academic Council

Minutes: 11/28/16 meeting

3-5 pm

Submitted by Brad Krein


Present: Brad Krein, Carolyn Jackson, Dusty McKenzie, Ekua Omosupe, Jay Jackson, Jennifer Lee, Joseph Krause, Louis Compoginis, Marcie Wald, Michael Strunk


Guests: Gordon Hammer


Absent: Josh Blaustein, Kathie Welch, Kim Belliveau, Kip Nead


Call to order: 3:08


Minutes from 10/24/16 approved with corrections


Old Business




New Business


Gordon Hammer brought a petition for addition of AP 45 to area C1 for both AA/AS and CSU and IGETC area 3A. The petition was approved.


Brad Krein brought a petition for the addition of MATH 112 to area A2 for AA/AS. The petition was approved.


Dusty McKenzie brought a petition to add ANTHR 3 to the Multicultural Studies list. The petition was approved.


Items from the floor


Carolyn had an informational item about the submission of KIN 20L, 55, and 64 to the CSU GE Breadth Review Board for area E.


The meeting adjourned at 3:43