Academic Council

Minutes: 4/25/16 meeting

3-5 pm

Submitted by Brad Krein


Present: Brad Krein, Carolyn Jackson, Dusty McKenzie, Jennifer Lee, Joseph Krause, Josh Blaustein, Louis Compoginis, Marcie Wald, Victoria May


Guests: None


Absent: Ekua Omosupe, Jay Jackson, Kathie Welch, Kim Belliveau, Kip Nead


Call to order: 3:03


Minutes from 4/11/16 approved with corrections


Old Business




New Business


Claire Thorson brought petitions for baccalaureate credit for ART 13B and 91. The petitions were approved.


Michael Matera brought petitions on behalf of Gerlinde Brady for baccalaureate credit for CIS 76 and 77. The petitions were approved.


Teresa Macedo brought pettions for SOC 11 to get baccalaureate credit and be added to areas D and E for both CSU and AA/AS as well as IGETC area 4. The petitions were approved.


Items from the floor




The meeting adjourned at 3:30