Academic Council
Minutes: 9/11/17 meeting
3-5 pm Room 1096
Submitted by Brad Krein

Present:: Albi Romero, Brad Krein, Carolyn Jackson, Dusty McKenzie, Ekua Omosupe, Emily Newton, Jay Jackson, Jennifer Lee, Louis Compoginis, Marcie Wald,

Guests: Cheryl Barkey

Absent: Joseph Krause, Kathie Welch, Kim Belliveau, Kip Nead, Michael Strunk, Victoria May

Call to order: 3:03

Minutes from 4/10/17 approved

Old Business


New Business

Cheryl Barkey brought a petition for HIST 27A, HIST 27B, ENGL 27A, and ENGL 27B to be added to the multicultural list. It was noted that the course had not been approved for baccalaureate credit. A discussion ensued and a motion was made, seconded and approved to add the courses to Areas C2 and D for AA/AS/CSU and approve the courses for multicultural credit. The motion was passed.

Carolyn brought an update on BP's and AP's (formerly AR's)

The meeting adjourned at 3:43