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Physics 10L: Introduction to Physics Lab

Fall 2017 Course Syllabus

Instructor Information
Name: Carlos E. Figueroa
Office Hours: see website
Office Location: 813
Phone: 831.479.6520 & 768.7971 (home)

Course Information
Title: Introduction to Physics Lab
Sections: 99131
Prerequistes: PHYS 10 or concurrent enrollment
Meetings: Lab (Rm WatA320), 8:00-11:05 am

The lab instructions must be printed from the web, read over in advance, and brought to lab.
Laboratory Manual: Posted online at

Learner Outcomes
Investigate physical phenomena experimentally using appropriate equipment and methods, and make valid comparisons with theoretical predictions.

Class Activity

*Lab sessions begin with a concept quiz on the previous lab, in which you are encouraged to discuss the questions with your friends and use your notes. The quizzes need to be perfect in order to be accepted—they will be returned to you for corrections.
*A short lecture and demonstration follows; the equipment is shown and ideas are presented. The instructors offer suggestions and safety information.
*The majority of the lab time is spent exploring nature, using the equipment provided. Your job is to discover patterns, then make predictions that can be tested. This is science.
*You record your observations and describe the process. Your work is critiqued during lab, with the goal of helping you learn.
*You keep your lab work; we will check it before you leave.

NOTE: There is no substitute for attendance at every lab session. If life requires you to miss a lab, the loss is yours—we cannot offer makeup sessions. Don’t cheat yourself!

1. Predict the behavior of physical systems based on conceptual models.
2. Make and record careful observations of the behavior of physical systems.
3. Compare the predicted behavior of physical systems with observed behavior and interpret the results.
4. Draw conclusions regarding the validity of conceptual models based on experimental results.

Grading Policy
The course grade is based on the following weighted percentages:

Lab Reports 90%
Quizzes 10%