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Problem Set Format and Grading Policy

Problem Sets are due at the beginning of lecture at 8:00 am on the due date indicted. Assignments turned in after 8:00 am are considered late and will receive a 50% reduction in the overal problem set score. Late problem sets will be accepted by the next class meeting. If an assignment is not turned in by the next class meeting, the problem set will not be accepted and a score of zero will be given for that particular problem set.

Your homework assignments are a reflection of your work in this course. They will prove to be a valuable resource and should be neat and well organized. Please use the following format for your problem solutions:

1. Paper: Use 8.5" x 11" paper with clean edges. All pages should be placed together (in order), stapled in the upper left-hand corner and submitted flat – do not fold.
2. Layout: The front page should have a label that includes your name, the problem numbers assigned and the date due. Problems should be arranged in the order assigned and problem numbers should be clearly indicated. Leave space after each problem for comments.
3. Appearance: Present all work in a neat, logical and orderly fashion. At the beginning of each problem, write down the known quantities and the unknown quantity you are trying to find. Simple diagrams will be helpful in many problems and should be labeled. Then begin with a standard relation (i.e. an equation from the book) written in standard form..
4. Algebra: Perform whatever manipulation you need to solve for your answer in symbols before plugging in numbers.

Problem Sets will be graded as follows: Each problem set assignment will be worth a total of 35 points. Five problems will focus on problem solving that are randomly selected from the assigned end of the chapter problems, as well as two questions. You must follow the Problem Set guidelines listed above to get full credit. Note: I emphasize the approach and the thought process in solving problems. I will not give much credit to correct answers without a clear sequence of steps.