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Engr 15: Introduction to Circuit Analysis
Spring 2018 Course Syllabus

Instructor Information
Name: Carlos E. Figueroa
Office Hours: see website
Office Location: 813
Phone: 831.479.6520 & 768.7971 (home)

Course Information
Title: Engineering Circuit Analysis
Sections: 102867, 102869
Prerequistes: Phys 4B & Math 7 (or concurrent enrollment)
Meetings: Lecture in Room 801, 9:30-10:50 am; Labs in Room 802, 2:30-5:35 am, Room 810, 8:00-11:05 am;; PLC to TBA in Room 834

Textbook: Introduction to Electric Circuit (8th Edition), Dorf & Svoboda (all editions accepted)
Laboratory Manual: Posted online at

Learner Outcomes
1. Analyze the electrical behavior of DC and AC circuits including first and second order circuits using various circuit analysis techniques.
2. Utilize Pspice circuits simulator and electronic test and measurement equipment in analyzing circuits.

Grading Polcy
The course grade is based on the following weighted percentages:

Problem Sets 08%
Problem Set Quizzes 12%
PLC Activities 08%
Exams 1 & 2 36%
Final Exam 18%
Weekly Lab Reports 15%
Formal Lab Report 03%

Note: You will automatically be dropped from this course if you miss seven class!

Problem Sets, Quizzes, Exams & PLC Activities
Problem Sets
: Problem sets must follow the required format and are due on the dates listed on the Problem Sets webpage at 9:30 am. Full credit is given for work that is (i) complete, (ii) correct, and (iii) clearly presented. I encourage you to work on problems in groups--but you must write up your own solutions individually.

Problem Set Quizzes:
Problem quizzes are designed to check your understanding of a single topic/problem set. They are generally given on the day problem sets are due. Problem quizzes are closed book and closed notes, except for a predetermined set of equations from the instructor.

Exams & Final Exam: There will be two exams (Chapters 1-6 & Chapters 7-9) and a comprehensive final exam (Chapters 3-10). Each exam will cover material from the lectures, PLCs, and problem sets. Exams are closed book, but you will be provided with an “Equation Sheet” for each exam. A written excuse or prior notification must be provided if an exam is missed.

PLC Activities: The drop-in PLC (Physics/Engr Learning Community, Room 834) will be open every weekday, with either the instructor or the Circuits PLC tutor who can help you work on your required PLC activities. Engr 15 requires 1 hour and 5 minutes per week of arranged hours to be fulfilled in Room 834. PLCs are due each week (initialed on sign-off sheet) by 3:00 pm, Friday.

Active participation and attendance in lab is mandatory. If two labs are missed you will be dropped from the course. Weekly lab reports are due each week on Monday at 9:30 am that includes the experimental procedures, data organized into tables or graphs, calculations/results and an interpretation and discussion of the experiment.

Students with disabilities:
Students needing accommodations should inform the instructor. As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accommodations are provided to insure equal access for students with verified disabilities. To determine if you qualify or need assistance with an accommodation, please contact ACCESSIBILITY SUPPORT CENTER (Formerly DSPS), Room 1073, (831)479-6379.