FALL 2015 Psych 1 ONLINE

Instructor: Charlotte Nolan Reyes, PhD

8 week class starts early October!

Tests will be ONLINE VIA BLACKBOARD, There will be four different 1.5 hour WEBINARS (you recieve an email or click blackboard that downloads the software), 1 is REQUIRED. Make sure you have reliable internet and a computer that you know how to use and always, always a plan B

REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Caccioppo & Freberg (2012). Discovering Psychology (1st ed.) The textbook is available at the bookstore for purchase or rental. Copies of the text are on reserve at the Cabrillo College Library.


Blackboard How-TO Videos for Students, scroll to bottom of page!.




Amazon also has a 7 day free trial as well as MOST/ENOUGH of Chapters 1 and 2 if you click the “look inside option”. Order ISBN-13: 978-0618185504 ISBN-10: 061818550X. THere is currently a used version for $23.00


The publisher has single e-chapters for sale.



      11:59PM (MIDNIGHT)
1- 6/22-6/26Chapters 1 Psychology
        Defined, Chapter 2, Research;
        Intro to Psych-Crash Course Video and
      Annenberg/Zimbardo Research Methods Video
Video posts (2) & Study Questions
      Class Passport/Contract Due
 Research Participation PostedCharlotte Introduction Webinar #2
        Video Friday June 25 3-4:30pm PST,
       look for email June 26 after 2pm!
2- 6/29-7/03Ch 3 Genetics, Ch 4 The Brain
        & Biology; Epigenetics & Brain
Study Question; Video posts (2);
      Research Participation Due
 Test 1 Available, 2 Hours
Timed Chapters 1-4
Charlotte Review Webinar
Thurs July 2, 12pm-1:30pm PST; look for email July 2 after 11am!
3- 7/06-7/10Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8; Ames
        Room, Amazing Randi,
        Dreams, Drugs, Placebo
Study Questions & Video posts (5)
  Test 1 Due
4- 7/13-7/17Chapters 9, 10, 11, and Ch. 12
        Memory, Intelligence,
      Attachment, & Big 5
Study Questions & Video/Activity
      posts (4)
 Test 2 Available, 2 Hours
      Timed Chapters 1-4
Charlotte Review Webinar/Video
      Thursday 7/16 8-9:30 pm PST
5- 7/20-7/24Chapters 13 & 14; Stanford
      Prison & Mental illness Videos
Study Questions & Video posts (2)
  Test 2 Due
  Psych in the News Paper Due
6- 7/27-7/31Chapters 15, 16; Therapy &
Meditation Videos
Video posts (2) & Study Questions
  Charlotte Review Webinar
      Tuesday 7/28 9-10:30am
 See 100 Q Final Exam Posting.
      See Final Extra Credit Posting.
3 Hour FINAL EXAM and Due
        by Friday July 31 at Midnight.
        Extra Credit Kognito
        MODULES due by Sunday Aug
      2 Midnight.