Interesting Videos Links & and Extra Credit Options. Love to hear from you on these!

Brain Power-From Neurons to Networks-10 minutes

Feats Of Memory TED Talk-20 Minutes

What are Dreams Nova Special-One Hour

Statistics, hypothesis testing, and the home field advantage

PBS Film The Human Spark

Neuron Communication video

NYT-Nobel Prize for Brain's "GPS"

Infant Temperament-5 Minutes

Jerome Kagan Longer Lecture 16 Minutes

Al Seckel says our brains are miswired

Al Seckel says our brains are miswired

Extra Credit Options (20pts Total ALlowed not counting Test Extra Credit Movie Essays)

Mystery Spot Santa Cruz-5pts-Refer to Bruce Bridgman Article too (below)

Bruce Bridgman Article


Kognito Online Student Mental Health Training Modules, 5 points per Module (At Risk for Students, LGBTQ on campus for students and Veterans on Campus for Students


Multidiciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies-Read MDMA Controversy Paper Assignment (+5pts if not assigned) Below

Errowid: May be useful for the MDMA Controversy Paper Assignment Below


Exploratorium San Francisco-10 pts possible-Visit and Describe 1-2 exhibits with knowledge learned about Sensation and Perception


Dream Journal 10 points possible, Describe at least 5 nights and the patterns you find adn whatt they say about your live. See Documentary “What are Dreams”? to understand finding patterns and attempting to dream/look for clues about your worries etc

p>4. This Emotional Life Season 1 Episode 2 Facing Our Fears, All parts + 5pts

Available on Amazon Prime $1.99 or Free trial

Are prisons the New Asylums?