Dear Cabrillo and the Santa Cruz Community!

  I have been an Adjunct Instructor of Psychology at Cabrillo College since January 2008. I am a PhD level Developmental Psychologist (UCSC 2013), with a B.S. In Cogntive Science from UCLA (2004). Currently I am also beginning a Clinical and Neuro Psychology Re-Specialization program at Fielding Graduate University including seeking a supervised clinical practicum (12-32 hours) to begin this Fall 2015 here in Santa Cruz. I have knowledge and experience with a vareity of child and adult intelligence and personality assessments.


Additionally, I am a scientific psychologist and researcher studying family life and other close relationships. My research examines the ways in which everyday conversations and activities in families and between friends are related to personal memory formation, identity, and other cognitive and personality factors.


TO MY STUDENTS: I think that teaching and learning can be fun! I try to approach every class with the enthusiasm that comes from learning and by exploring and connecting new ideas together. Did you know that brain connections are continually forming with everything we do, learn and practice? I hope that you struggle with the (at times difficult) reading, try new things, and push yourself to study so you can participate actively in class. It can be fun and difficult (the way we might find new body exercises difficult at times) but also enrich your life (outside of school!) at the same time.


Please explore the various links of my site: Each class provides up to date information and lecture slides for the classes I am currently teaching at Cabrillo College| Interesting Videos and Articles includes information about available extra crdit or more depth on class topics| Studying, Work & Life provides information for doing your best in my class and in college, other work and life more generally| Mental Health, Families, Abuse, Trauma and Memory provides reources and reading for those seeking information, help and advocacy with mental health, family or stress problems


Contact me with any comments or questions, I'd love to hear from you.

If you are planning to major in Psychology please visit the Cabrillo Psychology Dept for more information about classes you should take for your A.A. degree or to transfer to a 4-year college or university.