Dear Cabrillo and the Santa Cruz Community! I have been an Adjunct Instructor of Psychology at Cabrillo College since January 2008. I am a PhD level Developmental Psychologist (UCSC 2013), with a B.S. In Cogntive Science from UCLA (2004). Currently I am also beginning a post-doctoral Clinical and Neuro Psychology certificates at Fielding Graduate University (FGU) including a supervised clinical practicum (approx. 20 hours) to begin this Fall 2015. Additionally, I am a scientific psychologist and researcher studying everyday family life and other close relationships. My research examines the ways in which everyday conversations and activities in families and between friends are related to personal memory formation, identity and other cognitive and personality factors such as such as creative thinking and career choice.

Using informed consent and in conjunction with other researchers at insitutions that offer an IRB, I interview, survey, and videotape everyday conversations and activities in families. I examine the ways in which parents, children, siblings, partners, and friends talk with one another about ordinary and more unusual events, and how they collborate to build on each others' ideas and accomplish goals. I have found that differences in conversations and interactions are associated with different patterns of explicit declarative memories and also with flexible thinking, idea generation, and possibly career and lifestyle choices.

Just as joke telling is a form of learned communication; so, too are many other genres and styles of talking! At its most collaborative, talking includes a type of "mentalization" or “mind-mindedness" in conjunction with reciprocal (but not neccessarily equal) exchanges of sharing, changing stream, and exploring our own and others’ minds.

I can be contacted for coaching/counseling appointments and referrals, consulting and speaking/education for schools and community groups for children and adults, opinions for the media