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NOTE: This list was compliled by Chuck Smith, Anthropology Instructor, for the use of his students in Cabrillo College's Anthropology 6 class "Native Peoples of California"

A massive amount of literature exists on the history and culture of the Native Peoples of California, but the quality is uneven, ranging from the finest scholarship to outright fabrication. To provide a full bibliography of Native Californian culture and history would require many good-sized volumes (or in the case of the Internet, a lot of megabites). The bibliography that appears below reflects both my own personal research interests as well as what has proven useful for my students, friends and colleagues. Some were chosen because they are good sources of general information; others because they shed light on specific issues and/or events, thus allowing a fuller appreciation for the richness and diversity of the California Indians' cultures and histories. Ones that I recommend for a basic library collection are marked

Also, there is an excellent bibliography for Northern and Central California groups available through the California Indian Library Collection at Berkeley. However, you need not go to Berkeley, since these are now available at most county libraries. And should you not want to go to the library, then you can access them on the Web.

In addition to the books listed below, anyone interested in Native Californians should consult News From Native California, a quarterly periodical from Heyday Books (Malcolm Margolin, publisher). Its many features and columns explore the continuing traditions and current issues in which California Indians are involved.

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