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Found: July 1996, in Kennewick, Wash.
Age: 9,300 years
Discoverers: college students
Significance: Kennewick Man's bones, a rare find in being both so old and so complete, have become the basis of a legal battle between eight anthropologists and the U.S. government due to tribal concerns of Native Americans.
When washed out of the bank of the Columbia River, the male skeleton first was thought to be the remains of a historic homesteader. Closer examination found the business end of a spear - a prehistoric point flaked from volcanic rock - stuck deep into his hip.

A radiocarbon dating lab determined that the skeleton was roughly 9,000 years old. That's when Kennewick Man started making headlines, which have continued since a legal fight broke out over his future.

For all the fuss, nothing is certain about who he was or where he came from. Some have noted Eurasian features like a narrow face and braincase and a prominent nose that would have made the 5'9" man stand out in a crowd of typical Native Americans. This suggests the first immigrants were a diverse and distinctive lot.

He appears to have been a handsome, healthy hunter and fisher with few possessions. He met his end between age 40 and 55. Rather than being buried where he lay, as no grave pit or artifacts were found, he may have landed there in a flood. The bone of his pelvis had grown around and covered the spear point, so Kennewick Man had survived the injury to his side. Copyright © 1999 Discovery Communications Inc.

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EDSITE. Excellent lesson plan based upon the Kennewick Man controversy. Allows students to explore the remarkable find, as well as carefully consider the relationship between scientific inquiry and religious practice and belief.

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Archaeology Online. Links to web sites detailing the history of Kennewick Man as he made his way through the federal bureaucracy and courts.

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