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September 11, 2001 was a tragic day in the history of the fire service and for me personally. For ten years I have struggled with that event and this 9/11 Tribute[.ppsx, 10.81MB] is a way to express my feelings about the thousands lost that day, including the 343 FDNY firefighters.

While teaching FT4 Building Construction for Fire Protection at Cabrillo, I found that many students had little knowledge of construction and were few resources to help firefighters visualize building features.
"Knowing Your Buildings: A Firefighter's Reference Guide" may help to prevent a near miss, line of duty injury or death. In 2017, an improved second edition was published by PennWell. View this article "FEWLOADPATHS+3-U's" for hazardous building features in conditions as published in Fire Nuggets and Fire Chief Magazine. View Prezi presentation here.

Fire Engineering Magazine published "Speaking Well for the Fire Service" in Spring, 2014. It has several speaking tips for all fire personnel.

"Keeping Our Firefighter's 10 Commandments" is an article I wrote to remind new and veteran firefighters of important points of our job. View Prezi presentation here.

In the fall of 2010, a friend and former firefighter colleague committed suicide and I was left wishing I said more to him. When my firefighter friend John Tripodi was facing new challenges in his battle with cancer, I felt I owed it to John and myself to let him know how I felt about what his example meant to me. Read the following letter to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, John Tripodi Letter.

"Drucker's Axioms for the Fire Service" may help firefighters to clarify and focus on key management principles. It appeared in Fire Nuggets magazine in 2006. Here are Volunteer Opportunities related to the fire service as well as Cabrillo's Volunteer & Unpaid Internships.

Firefighters are at their best when they work for and with each other. "Ten Years 1000 Acts"[.mp4, 42.21MB] is a short video highlighting Oakland Firefighters Random Acts that I believe would be a great success in Santa Cruz County. It is a volunteer, non-profit group of firefighters and closely aligned emergency service workers that provide care and support for sick children and victims unduly impacted by negative incidents. Random Acts works with individuals, schools, hospitals, burn foundations, overseas medical groups and many others by providing unselfish acts of service. Let's work to make a Santa Cruz Area Random Acts happen. Contact me via my Cabrillo email.

Stay sharp, stay strong, stay safe.

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