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CG 1: College Success

CG 54: Career Planning

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CG 1: College Success

3 Units-Transfers to UC and CSU
Satisfies Area E General Education-Cabrillo & Transfer
Approved Elective-Human Services Program-Cabrillo

** During Fall and Spring semesters, registered students must log into the class within the first week of classes. Otherwise, you will be dropped from the course! Exception - students adding the course late. During Cybersession and Summer, students must log into the class immediately. **

Course Information

CG1 College Success: Integrates personal growth, learning techniques, academic and career success, problem solving, critical, and creative thinking. The course focuses on the following topics: self evaluation and assessment, goal setting, career decision making, educational planning, time and financial management techniques, instructor-student relationships, cultural diversity, health maintenance, stress management, campus resources, learning styles and strategies including note-taking, test taking, memory and concentration. Note: This course involves substantial reading and writing plus the ability to follow written directions independently.

Characteristics of the successful online student

An online student is expected to be highly responsible, possess the motivation, time and organization to successfully complete the course. If you do not possess these traits, you may not want to register for an online course and decide to take the lecture section.
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Required Textbook

Textbook Information

12th ED Textbook photo

Your College Experience: Strategies for Success, 12th edition
Authors: Gardner/Jewler/Barefoot
Publisher: Macmillian

ISBN-13: 978-145769966-5
Publish date 2016--This is edition (12th) of the textbook.

Purchase your book from the Cabrillo Bookstore. You can purchase your book from Cabrillo online. Cabrillo Online Bookstore

You may also purchase the book from or Barnes and Noble, etc. New or used is fine. Just make sure it’s the 11e. Do not purchase the condensed version of this textbook. It will not contain all the chapters or material that you will need to pass the course.

Go Green: You may also buy the 12th edition book as an eTextbook from VitalSource. Save trees and save money.>> Buy eTextbook now

  • In addition, there is a book in Cabrillo's library for your use to be checked out for 4 hours at a time. These are located at the Resource Desk.

Any New or Used books of this edition (12e) are acceptable for this class.

Class Format

Check the schedule of classes each semester for type of sections to be offered. (Note: The course may be offered in 3 different formats (lecture, hybrid, or completely online).

Completely Online Section

This course is totally online. There are no classroom meetings. The online course content is straight forward. We will be going through the materials together, with weekly textbook readings, weekly journal writing, online assignments, online research, and online discussions via a discussion board. You can do the work anytime during the week, but it is due each week by midnight Saturday. No late assignments will be accepted after the due date unless previous arrangements are made with the instructor and your situation warrants an exception to this rule.


There will be no 'in-person' orientation meeting. An email with directions will be emailed to each student prior to the start of the semester. After logging in the course, you will find an information announcement and information email within the class.

Technical Information

The class sections are web-based and are accessible from any computer that has internet access. All you need is a computer, the textbook, and your Log-in. Access to the class will be available to registered students only the day class starts. The computer you use can be your own, a friend or family member’s, at work, at a library (including Cabrillo’s library), or Cabrillo’s computer lab. In addition, you need an email address. If you don’t already have one, email addresses are available online and free from Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Programs Needed

Required: You will need a word processing program, such as WORD. Suggested program: POWERPOINT. If you do not have POWERPOINT on your computer, you can download a FREE viewer for this program from Microsoft. These can be downloaded for a Mac or a PC. At the Microsoft download website, click on Popular Downloads Microsoft Office. Scroll to bottom of that page to Powerpoint Viewer..
To download these viewers go to: <<Down Load Now

Or, download for FREE Open Office Great for a Mac. Click 'Download' and then 'Save File'.

Required: You will also need ADOBE READER. Download Now Free!

Additional Online course Information

Log-in Information:

Canvass Logo 4 Canvas

 Canvas is located on the distance ed page:
Or, enter through Cabrillo's Homepage at Distance Courses and then click on Canvas.
Bookmark the page! You use your WebAdviser username and password to log in the course.

*IMPORTANT Announcement About Canvas!*

Spring 2016 semester Cabrillo was upgraded to the new Canvas system.
You will see a new login window and new user interface. As always, you will need to activate your computer account before the first day of the term.

Most students find the new system easy to navigate. There are a number of short videos to help acquaint you with working in your course. Watch this video! You will be glad you did.

Video Camera

Here is a helpful Canvas Student Overview video:

Helpful online tutorial videos:

To learn more about the new Canvas system, go to: Canvas Student Guide and bookmark the site.

These tutorials will guide you through things like submitting an assignment, taking a test online, using the discussion board, and checking your grades.

Other important Canvas information can be found here too!

This is what the Canvas Log-in looks like.

photo of Canvas log-in

Only registered students can log into the class. If you added the class late, you must wait 2 business days until A & R adds your name to the class roster. You need to know your student Web Advisor username and password to log in..

You are responsible for your own log-in.
The Instructor does not give you your log-in.
If you have trouble logging into the CG1 course on Canvas, please call the TLC 831-479-5030.

Waitlist Information

Students will be provided add codes depending on the number of "no shows" that is students who do not log into the course during the required period. Add priority is given to students on the waitlist. To add the course, contact the instructor via email. In your email provide the course name & section number of the class and your full name and student ID. If there is space available you will be provided an add code so you can register. 

Course Requisites
Recommended Preparation : Eligibility for ENGL 100 and READ 100.
Basic computer knowledge: “Internet” usage/surf and navigation, use of email and word processing.

Learning Outcomes


a) Understand concepts and significance of factors that contribute to college success.

b) Examine and evaluate different learning styles and principles of learning.

c) Compare and contrast different college study techniques.

d) Access individual level of performance in personal study habits.

e) Analyze, select, and apply interventions and strategies to improve college success.

f) Demonstrate computer research competency for library, universities, transfer, and careers.

g) Identify and use college and community resources for college success.


a) Examine critical analysis and creative thinking techniques and demonstrate those techniques using problem solving, idea generation, and decision-making models.

b) Demonstrate an understanding of the four types of institutions of higher education.

c) Examine and evaluate university academic programs to determine majors and decide on transfer institutions that reflect the students’ career goals.

d) Design and implement individualized educational plans for transfer to appropriate universities based on students’ majors and career aspirations.


a) Demonstrate understanding of personal skills, interests, and values as they relate to career choices, majors, and transfer university selection.

b) Analyze personal management of time and energy and construct charts and strategies to maximize effectiveness.

c) Examine theoretical approaches to choice and develop awareness of choice opportunities.

d) Analyze personal, present and future budget needs. Demonstrate an understanding of effective money management strategies. Apply knowledge of available financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

e) Research and evaluate at least two careers based on personal values, interests, and personality.

f) Synthesize, retain, and utilize the knowledge, skills, and tools gained in this course to effectively conduct a focused information search in the future.


Assignments will consist of online exercises, reports, research, and writings. Weekly course assignments will be listed in detail in the course website. Important dates and deadlines will be listed in the course calendar on-line.

Here are the basics.

1. Weekly Textbook readings--from Your College Experience: Strategies for Success, 11th Edition. This is a required textbook for this class. This informative book contains a wealth of information to assist you in enhancing your college experience. By following the examples in the chapters, you can successfully complete your time at Cabrillo College and open the door wide for transfer and/or graduation!

2. Weekly Journal writings--You will be asked to record your thoughts on weekly topics in your personal journal. You email this to me.

3. Weekly Discussion Board --Every week I will post a topic and a question for discussion. You will post your discussion and respond to at least two other students.

4. Weekly Internet Exercises--Each chapter has corresponding course online exercises. You will be assigned some of these exercises, which you will email to me each week.

5. Research-- You will be directed to certain websites for research. You will be asked questions about your research assignments, and you will email the answers to me.


Writing assignments, problem-solving demonstrations, skill demonstrations, research projects, online work, and participation.


Letter Grade or P/NP. Your grade is based on timely and successful completion of assignments. Grading is based on a points system.
Grading >>more information

Final Project

The Final Project is due at the end of the semester >>more information

Extra Credit

Extra Credit is available to all students >>more information

Tips for Successful Involvement and Completion of this Course

1. Take time to enjoy reading the textbook.
2. Stay on track with all reading and assignment deadlines.
3. Be part of the learning community by responding thoughtfully in the discussion board.
4. Use proper “netiquette”.
5. Have fun!

Hank, a Golden Retriever Go To: Gabe's Tips >>more information

Students With Disabilities

I encourage students with disabilities, including “invisible” disabilities such as chronic diseases, learning, and psychological disabilities, to explain their needs and appropriate accommodations to me. Please obtain a verification of your disability from the Learning Skills or DSP&S offices and a counselor or specialist’s recommendations for accommodating your needs.

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