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Chris Yonge

Lecturer in 2D and 3D animation


In Fall 2018 I will be teaching one course at Cabrillo College.

ETech40 :: 3D Modeling and Animation

This course introduces students to 3D object and character modeling in Blender, an open source digital modeling and animation program. Blender is a professional level program widely used in the industry for creative and technical visualization/animation. As it is open source, it is free to for students to use both during their studies and afterwards. During the course students will learn techniques of polygonal modeling and simple animation, review a variety of modeling and animation examples, and be introduced to industry conventions and standards. Depending on the makeup of the class, specialist elements such as physics simulation, 3D printing, and animation editing techniques can be added. From the Fall 2018 semester ETech40 is eligible for course credit at California universities such as UCSC.

About me

After studying architecture for five years in the UK I turned to craftsman furniture design/making for ten. On moving to the United States thirty years ago I became a product designer, working in North Carolina and then California for ten years before founding StudioCruz. Currently I'm on the curriculum committee of Makerspace, Cabrillo's new fab lab, and principal of StudioCruz, a design, digital modeling, and animation consultancy in Santa Cruz. I've been teaching 2D and 3D animation at Cabrillo College since 2014 and at UCSC since 2011. The emphasis in both my Cabrillo and UCSC classes is to give students practical skills that they can use to create effective digital models and animations for themselves, their employers, and their clients.

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