Instructor: David Ambrosini - daambros@cabrillo.edu
Course Description

An introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web. Topics to be covered include history of the Internet and structure of the World Wide Web, technology and functions. Includes use of Web browsers, search engines, simple e-mail, uploading and downloading, tools to develop Web pages, creating a simple webpage using HTML (and an authoring tool), and how to get connected. Business tools and applications are emphasized.

Using the Internet AND the World Wide Web is both a fundamental job skill and an incredibly fun activity. It is used for communications, marketing, information, business and commerce, games and entertainment and much more. What do you already do with the Internet and WWW? Probably more than you think...

CABT160 is designed for beginners in the use of the Internet and WWW but will offer a great deal of useful information to those who have some experience already. Some familiarity with the computer is desirable, but not necessary. It's a hands on class... dig in, you can't hurt anything!

Recommended Preparation
CABT 106, Introduction to the Cabrillo Computer Labs (may be taken concurrently) or equivalent knowledge of Windows or the Macintosh.

This course (CABT160) assumes you have used a computer at least a little bit. If you have no computer experience, plan on spending more time in the early weeks and be prepared for lots of jargon and vocabulary. Don't worry about it...the whole course is filled with jargon and vocabulary anyway and we'll make it pleasant and interesting to learn.
Work Load and Related Requirements
You are asked to attend class and complete homework assignments weekly. The course actively uses the Internet both in and out of class. Plan on spending at least 2 hours a week working on the computer, reading and doing homework in addition to attending class. You will have access to a computer in the classroom and individually in the Cabrillo Computer Technology Center (CTC room 1400). Additionally, any computer at work or home with Internet access will allow you to do the class work and view the class website.The Internet is generally not platform sensitive...in other words you can use either a Mac of a PC when doing the assignments or reading the website materials.
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