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Bus 89 - Starting & Operating an eCommerce Business

David Ambrosini
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 Course Description: An introduction to eCommerce for new or existing businesses planning to create a business presence online. Learn about eCommerce, planning and designing a Web site, Web assets, technology and Web architecture, Web sales and security, attracting and keeping customers, maintaining the business Web presence, legal issues and creating a simple business Web site.
What's it like to put your existing business online?

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"All I have to do is set up a Web Site and then sit back and count the money."

Throes & Woes of a Web Business Famous Last Words - DotCom  

Sorry, it doesn't work that way. You need a goal directed plan and the ability and resources to implement it. Learn what it really takes to succeed. Learn to develop a plan that, when implemented, will attain the goals you have set. In Bus 189 you will get a thorough overview of all the aspects of running a business Web site and be able to create a detailed plan. This is a Business course, a Technology course and a Digital Media/Web Architecture course all in one.

Outcomes: Upon completing this course you will be able to...
  • plan and implement an eCommerce solution
  • develop realistic goals for your site and a plan that will work
  • identify your customers, their needs and buying habits (Market)
  • set design requirements
  • be able to successfully work with professionals to develop the site and the database management
  • identify resources required
  • think as a business person, as a marketer and be able to deliver products on time and satisfy customers
  • know what you can and can't successfully do yourself.
  • identify startup costs and estimate monthly expenses and revenues
* Graphic from Electronic Commerce - A Managerial Perspective
By Turban
ISBN 0-13-9975285-4
All materials are the copyrighted property of David Ambrosini, ©1997-2015
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