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Business 50 - Advertsing for Small Business
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This course is taught in a "Hybrid" format combining classroom and online (OL) instruction each week totaling 3 hours.

Classroom instruction will use the instructor's website (http://www.cabrillo.edu/~dambrosini) for lecture material, as well as explanations of coursework material at the Blackboard site.

Online instruction uses the "Blackboard Learning System." Students will use Blackboard weekly for coursework material, Announcements, Assessments (quizzes), Assignments, Discussion topics, Calendar and checking grades. (http://online.cabrillo.edu)

Study of advertising and promotion for small business, emphasizing local and regional media. Topics include media planning, budgeting and purchasing, media creation, design and layout for television, radio, newspaper, magazine, brochures and flyers, outdoor, direct mail, World Wide Web, press releases and more as marketing tools.

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