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Course Catalog Description

Bus 20 Introduction to Business (Online Class) - Summer School, 3 units; Section 90169, 6/15 to 7/10, 4 weeks

Surveys business principles, problems, practices and procedures. Discussions of the nature of business, ownership, recruitment and training of personnel, labor-management relations, production and distribution of goods, competition, profits, transportation, finance, government, business relations and the interaction of business with society.
Transfer Credit: Transfers to CSU, UC.Offered in a Distance-Learning Format.

Recommended Preparation
Recommended Preparation: Eligibility for ENGL 100 and READ 100.

Work Load and Related Requirements

Thank you registering for this ONLINE course. Please don't get discouraged but realize you are responsible for putting the necessary time into the course to learn the subject matter. This course is a 16 week course scheduled in a 4 week Summer School format. All materials are online and all work is completed online using the Blackboard Learning system.

Add Policy: To Add this Summer class, you must contact me via my Faculty email to obtain an Add code # (daambros @ If there is a Wait List for the course, students will added from that first in numerical order. You must be on the Wait List and contact me BEFORE the first day, June 15th to be eligible to add. No one may "Add" after the first day. If you aren't on the Wait List there is a slight chance that you can still Add the class by contacting me via email. Once you obtain an Add code, click here for directions.

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