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Room 505B
Online Instruction via Blackboard Learning System
Class Hours: 
Online Course Format: see syllabus or Class Schedule
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Office Hours: 
M Online 9-1100 a.m. (Bus 5 Online class section)
T 1050-1130 a.m., 430-530 p.m., 820 to 840 p.m., room 505B
W 9-920 a.m.,1050-1130 a.m., room 505B
TH 9-920 a.m., 1050-1130 a.m., room 505B
Use Blackboard Email for all class related questions

This course is taught in a "Online" (OL) instruction format with no classroom meetings or face-to-face orientations.

Online instruction uses the "Blackboard Learning System." Students will use Blackboard weekly for all course content, coursework material, Announcements, Assessments (quizzes), Assignments, Discussion topics, Calendar and checking grades. (http://online.cabrillo.edu)

The course textbook, Computers are your Future - Complete, 12th Edition, by Catherine LaBerta, has a student website that can be used in support of your coursework but isn't required. (http://www.pearsonhighered.com/cayf/)

Basic instruction in Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint software will be the focus of assignments while the book focuses on computers, portable devices and the Internet as ithey are used as tools of Business.


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