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Subject 102 :: Course Title

Did you know that there are several initiatives under way to help with textbook costs? Please let students know about...


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We can help. The Teaching & Learning Center, or TLC as we like to call it, is a technology resource center for faculty and staff. Our services are primarily instructional in nature, for example, any technology that's used to teach students, we support it. The most widely used technology is the web and faculty spend hours learning how to create web pages for students to access their course materials.

We also instruct faculty on how to create podcasts, video tutorials, and teach online. The most requested services are related to teaching using Blackboard, an online learning management system. We administrate the software, create accounts for more than 250 faculty each semester, and provide helpdesk support to almost 8,000 students per semester.



  • Google Apps is our Cloud Computing Environment. It provides on-the-go web storage, sharing and collaboration. For example, you can create a webform that students fill out and the results drop into a spreadsheet that you control. What is Cloud Computing?
  • Protected Area is a special folder we created for you. It lets you place materials on the web and share them with students who know the semester's college-wide password. Your materials are not exposed to the internet at large although, like anything on the web, students can download it for their own use.
  • iTunesU is a place to upload media materials that students can use on a computer or portable device.
  • Portable Apps is a free suite of applications you can put on thumb drive and carry with you to the classroom. It helps avoid the fumbling with a classroom (Windows) PC, searching for the right software to show your stuff.




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