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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I upgraded my Mac OS to Snow Leopard and now Tracker won't play QuickTime movies. Is there a fix? Yes. Open Java Preferences in the Applications/Utilities directory. In the General tab, drag 32 bit Java to the top position (ie, above 64 bit Java) in both the Applets and Applications panes. This should solve the problem :-)

2. Tracker sometimes fails to open a series of images or a video. What's wrong? Tracker has probably run out of memory, which by default is only 64MB (the memory manager button at the right end of the toolbar shows you how much memory is used and available). To increase the available memory, open the Tracker Preferences dialog by choosing the Edit|Preferences... menu item. In the Runtime tab, uncheck the Use default checkbox and enter the desired memory size (not larger than half the available RAM). Relaunch by clicking the Relaunch Now button.

3. How can I plot the data from two different tracks on a single graph? (a) Open the data from track A in Data Tool by double-clicking the Tracker plot of interest. (b) Open a second tab in Data Tool with data from track B in the same way. (c) In Data Tool, right-click the header of a data column of interest and choose Copy Columns from the popup menu. (d) Select the other tab in Data Tool and choose Edit|Paste|New Columns. (e) Plot the desired columns by turning on their markers and/or lines. Note: you can also paste data columns into a new tab or clone a tab if you wish to keep the original tabs unchanged.