Interface Summary
ExportFormat To create a new export format: implement this interface and register with ExportTool.registerFormat()
Job This is a Remote interface for osp data transfers via XML and RMI.
KnownFunction Title: KnownFunction Description: A function that provides its name, expression and parameters to users.
Tool This is a Remote Tool interface for osp data transfers via XML and RMI.

Class Summary
ArrayInspector A dialog that displays an ArrayTable.
CheckTreeCellRenderer A checkbox tree cell renderer.
CheckTreeManager A checkbox mouse and tree selection listener.
CheckTreeSelectionModel A checkbox tree selection model.
ClipboardJob This is a Job implementation for osp data transfers via the clipboard.
DataColumn A Dataset that represents a single column in a DataToolTable.
DataColumn.Loader A class to save and load DataColumn data in an XMLControl.
DataFunctionEditor A FunctionEditor for DataFunctions.
DataFunctionPanel This is a FunctionPanel for DataFunctions.
DataRefreshTool This tool sends data to any tool that requests it.
DatasetCurveFitter A panel that displays and controls functional curve fits to a Dataset.
DataTool This provides a GUI for analyzing OSP Data objects.
DataToolPropsTable This displays plot properties of the columns in a data tool table.
DataToolStatsTable This displays statistics of data columns in a DataToolTable.
DataToolTab This tab displays and analyzes a single Data object in a DataTool.
DataToolTable This is a DataTable that displays DataColumns and constructs HighlightableDatasets for a plot.
DataToolTable.DataToolTableModel A table model for this table.
Diagnostics This defines static methods for reporting the availability and status of various software resources.
DiagnosticsForSystem Displays system properties.
DiagnosticsForXuggle Checks to see if Xuggle is installed and working.
EjsTool Utility classes to work with Ejs at a high level
EncryptionTool This provides a GUI for encrypting and decrypting XMLControls.
ExportGnuplotFormat Text format, compatible with Octave and Gnuplot
ExportTool An export tool which launches a Save dialog
ExportXMLFormat Exports data in XML format.
ExtensionsManager ExtensionsManager manages Java extensions directories.
FitBuilder This is a FunctionTool used by DatasetCurveFitter to build, save and load custom fit functions.
FitFunctionPanel This is a FunctionPanel used to manage fits for a DatasetCurveFitter.
FontSizer A class for setting relative font sizes by level.
FourierPanel A JPanel that displays a plot and table of the Fourier spectrum of an input Dataset.
FunctionEditor A JPanel that manages a table of objects with editable names and expressions.
FunctionPanel This is a JPanel for managing Functions and supporting Parameters.
FunctionTool This tool allows users to create and manage editable Functions.
InitialValueEditor A FunctionEditor for initial values.
JarTool This provides a simple way to package files in a single JAR or ZIP file
JarTreeDialog This is a JDialog that displays and controls a checkbox jar tree.
JarTreeModel A tree model to display files and jar/zip contents.
JMultiLineToolTip A multiline tooltip based on open source code from
JobManager This manages jobs and their associated objects and replies.
KnownPolynomial A polynomial that implements KnownFunction.
LaunchBuilder This provides a GUI for building LaunchNode and LaunchSet xml files.
LaunchClassChooser This modal dialog lets the user choose launchable classes from jar files.
Launcher This provides a GUI for launching osp applications and xml files.
LauncherUndo This provides undo support for Launcher.
LaunchNode This is a tree node that can describe and launch an application.
LaunchPanel This is a panel that displays a tree with a LaunchNode root.
LaunchRes String resources for launcher classes.
LaunchSaver This is a dialog that displays a tree showing tabs to be saved.
Library A Library for a LibraryBrowser.
LibraryBrowser A GUI for browsing OSP digital library collections.
LibraryCollection This represents a collection of library resources.
LibraryComPADRE This provides static methods for getting a LibraryCollection from ComPADRE.
LibraryManager A GUI for managing My Library, search targets, and the OSP cache.
LibraryResource This represents a library resource.
LibraryResource.Metadata A Comparable class for metadata key-value pairs.
LibraryTreeNode A DefaultMutableTreeNode for a LibraryTreePanel tree, with a LibraryResource user object.
LibraryTreePanel This is a JPanel that displays an OSP LibraryResource at the root of a tree.
LibraryTreePanel.EntryField A JTextField for editing LibraryTreeNode data.
LibraryTreePanel.HTMLPane A JTextPane that displays html pages for LibraryTreeNodes.
LocalJob This is a Job implementation for osp data transfers within a single vm.
MultiLineToolTipUI A multiline tooltip UI based on open source code from
ParamEditor A FunctionEditor for Parameters.
Parameter This represents a parameter expression that is parsed and evaluated as a function of other parameters.
RemoteJob This is a Remote Job implementation for osp data transfers via RMI.
RemoteTool This is a Remote Tool implementation for osp data transfers via RMI.
Resource This represents a resource obtained from a URL or File.
ResourceLoader This defines static methods for loading resources.
SnapshotTool This provides a simple way to capture screen images.
Toolbox Toolbox stores tools that can exchange data using the Tool interface.
ToolsRes ToolsRes provides access to string resources for OSPControls and fires a property change event when the locale changes.
TranslatorTool This provides a GUI for creating and editing string resources associated with a class.
TristateCheckBox A checkbox with checked, unchecked and part-checked states
TristateCheckBox.State This is a type-safe enumerated type
UserFunction A known function for which the expression and parameters are user-editable.
UserFunction.Loader A class to save and load UserFunction data in an XMLControl.
UserFunctionEditor A FunctionEditor for UserFunctions.
VideoCaptureTool A video capture tool.
XuggleRes XuggleRes provides access to string resources for Xuggle Diagnostics.