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What do I need?

You need time. Online courses are very demanding. Researchers find that online courses take more time than traditional courses. 
You can expect to spend a minimum of 12-20 hours per week to do the readings and assignments, send and receive messages, 
take quizzes and exams, etc. Some people expect that an online course will be easier; it is not.
You need a reliable computer and reliable online access to complete this course. You must have access to Microsoft Word, 
PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat Reader. (After the semester begins, you have access to the Cabrillo Technology Center 
where these programs are available.)
In addition, you must be able to navigate computer applications, use the Internet, send/receive pdf and "Word" documents, 
and send/receive e-mail. If you have not mastered these skills, you need to take a computer class before taking this course,
or have someone assist you in learning these skills. 
Cabrillo has such a course: click on
My course is not designed to provide instruction in how to complete computer tasks.  
The course also requires the skills of college-level reading, writing, and test taking.  Because online students must be able to 
study independently, mastery of study skills is necessary. If you have not mastered these skills you may want to look into 
some of the learning skills courses offered at Cabrillo before you take an online class. To see these courses, click on

Don't forget the tutorial center in the library, Room 1080. Drop in, or call to see about times (479-6470).


Online Behavior Policy

Assessment Instructions


Wait List-Adds

Adds will be provided depending on the number of "no shows." Priority is given to students on the Wait List.
To be added, you must contact the instructor via email before or during the FIRST week of the semester. 
In your email provide the following: (1) a statement requesting to be added to the class, (2) the course name & section number,
and (3) your full name and student ID or Social Security Number.
If you have other communication with the instructor, make your "Add" request a new message.
If there is space available, your request will be forwarded to Admissions and Records and you will be notified 
when you have been added. You will have access to Blackboard within 2-3 business days of being added.
No adds will be given after the first week.

Answers to frequently asked questions

You are required to come to campus 3 times to take exams (always on Thursdays at 6:30 pm; see the syllabus).
You are responsible for reading one chapter from the textbook each week of the semester. 
The textbook is Wade and Tavris (2008). Psychology, ninth edition. 
You do practice tests as well as timed examinations online. There are many deadlines. 
Online activities occur between certain dates (see syllabus). 
After noon on the last day scheduled for an activity, access is denied, so be sure to complete your assignments 
and the exams BEFORE the cut-off time.
Blackboard, the course management system used at Cabrillo, becomes available at midnight on the first day of the semester.
Blackboard has links to practice tests, class assignments, class discussions, online exams, etc. 
Enrollment in this course gives you access to this system. 
You may use computers in the Computer Technology Center (Room 1400), the Library, or an off-campus computer. 
You should check the site at LEAST twice a week. Any changes in the course will be announced via Blackboard. 
It is your responsibility to access Blackboard frequently and participate in the discussions.
To watch video demonstrations of how to use Blackboard, click here:
To get to the Blackboard site and log in, click here:
The first time you access the Blackboard site, you must register by clicking on the gray box labeled 
"Look up username and password."
           1. You enter your Last Name, date of birth, and Student ID.
           2. You will be provided with a username; you create your own password. 
                These are case sensitive (CAPS and lower case), and the password is not available to the instructor, 
                so be sure you remember it exactly as you have typed it.
           3. After you are registered, you only need to enter your username and password in the appropriate fields.
If you have problems logging into the Blackboard site, click on the “Check Browser” link in the upper right corner 
to see if your browser can be used with Blackboard. If you still have trouble, be sure you are using your student ID 
(not your Social Security Number). If you still cannot log in, get help by sending an email to
Stay in touch
If you experience any difficulty with the procedures, software, assignments, etc., ASK me about it. 
If you have a question, probably at least 25% of the rest of the class has the same question.
          Keep checking the Announcements button for news about the course. 

You should realize that I am not watching the website 24 hours a day. I teach four other courses, 
supervise experiments, and coordinate activities in the psych department. I do check the website 
at least once a day. I will respond to messages as soon as I am able.
Now what?
Purchase the textbook, start reading the first chapter; get plenty of rest. You will be able to log in to Blackboard 
beginning at midnight on the first day of class. When you have access to the site, do some exploring. 
Click on “Week 1,” and see what you get.