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David Douglass


Spring 2012

Courses I teach:
     Psych   1:  General Psychology
     Psych   2:  Research Methods
     Psych   6:  Social Psychology
     Psych 12:  Cognitive Psychology (occasionally)
     Psych 26:  Personality Psychology (Fall only)

Psychology 1 Syllabus

Psychology 2 Syllabus

Psychology 6 Syllabus

Psychology 12 Syllabus

You can find my email and office hours by clicking on Faculty and Staff Directory.

I teach several different courses but my specialty is social psychology.
In all my classes I try to get students excited about what people do and what makes them do it.
If we understand the causes of behavior we have a better chance of improving it.
Because psychology can be so useful, I get annoyed when pseudoscientific theories and therapies
are presented as if they’re legitimate.

I’ve done experiments to test ideas about how social situations influence first impressions,
the relationship of attitudes and memory, a technique for encouraging bike riders to wear helmets,
peoples’ beliefs about joking insults, and the effect of lecture versus television presentations on
student performance.

HeartMath and Student Test Performance: click here

Learning Styles and Student Performance: click here

Two Autism Controversies: click here

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How I spent my summer vacation

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