Dave Reynolds

Math Instructor

(Here's me with my little ones)


(two of the loves of my life)


With Cabrillo College since 2002

Office: 714A

Phone: 479-6499

email: dareynol@cabrillo.edu

Summer 2017

Office Hours:

For Math 6: TWTh 12:15-1, STEM Center

For Math 254CM: MTWTh 9-9:40pm, Online

Math 6

Math 254CM Online (8 weeks, 6/19-8/10)

--Mandatory Orientation Sunday 6/18 10-11:30 in Watsonville A340

--Mandatory In-Person Exams 6/26,7/10,7/31, and 8/10 from 5-8pm in Watsonville A340


Fall 2017

Math 4

Math 5A

Math 7

Math 254CM Online