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Faculty and Staff Grant Awards,

Fall 2016

Clean Oceans Internatiional


Physical Geology 10

Introduction to Oceanography 10

Oceanography 20

Historical Geology 20

Environmental Geology 15

Environmental Science 10

Geology of National Parks 25

Geology of the Pinnacles 27

Geology 30

Outdoor Club

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Historical Geology 20 will be offered in Summer 2017

Camp in Yosemite National Park for FOUR days! 

Learn about the Geologic History of California and

Western North America from 1.8  Billion years to present.

Study Minerals, Rocks, Fossils, Volcanoes, Mass Extinction

and geologic provinces of western US!Explore how earthquakes,

volcanoes, shallow seas and continental drift have shaped and formed

diverse landscape and rocks of California and the westrn US.

For more information e-mail or call David Schwartz at (831) 479-6495


The 38th Bi-Annual Corcoran Lagoon and Coastal Cleanup

was held on Saturday April 29th 2017 from 9:00am - 12:30pm

at KSCO Radio at 2300 Portola Drive. 107 people removed

over 650 pounds of trash.Thank you everyone!!

31st Semi - Annual Corcoran Lagoon and Coastal Cleanup, Fall 2013

                             Office 705C
                      Phone (831) 479-6495

Black Point, storm of 1983

Horse Creek Hornfels at Steelhead Lake, California Geology 20