Sea Floor Spreading, The Origin of Ocean Basins

Key terms for lecture topic #4, CHAPTER 3


Think about human history of thought and discovery

•  ALFRED WEGENER 1880 - 1930: Continental Drift, Pangaea, Paleoclimates,

Fit, Stratigraphy, Laurasia, Gondwanaland, 200 million years BP


•  SEISMOLOGY: 1950's, Body Waves:(P-Waves, Primary Waves, Compressional Waves)

and (S-Waves, Secondary Waves, Shear Waves) Know why important


•  OUTER LAYERS OF THE EARTH: Crust, Moho, Mantle, Lithosphere, Asthenosphere (define each of these terms,

know what they are)


•  OCEAN CRUST vs CONTINENTAL CRUST (know the differences!)


•  SFS: Proposed by Harry Hess in 1962, Rates, Subduction, Proofs, age dating, sediment thickness,

distribution of e-quakes and volcanoes, heat flow, magnetic field and polar reversals


•  PLATE TECTONICS: 1965 - 1968, Boundary types and processes, Hot Spots, Microplates,

Trailing Edge and Leading Edge Margins, (Active vs Passive & Immature vs Mature)


•  Understand what Alfred Wegener knew, and did not know.


•  Marine Sediments next