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Environmental Science 10

Cement Ship Palo Alto during March 11, 20011 Japan Earthquake Tsunami

Fall 2018 Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday 2:30pm - 3:50pm,

Room 5005

Course Information

Covers the physical, biological, chemical and human systems that constitute the Earth's environment. Topics include geological processes, hydrology, natural resources, climatology, population biology, ecosystems, biodiversity, biochemistry and the chemistry of pollution. Includes an analysis of how human behavior and institutions affect the environment.

Fall 2018 Syllabus

Fall 2018 COI/Cabrillo Marine Debris Monitoring and Training Program

ES 10 Lectures:

First Day Introduction_Global Tectonics

Geologic Processes and Hazard

Geologic Processes and Hazards (a few more)

Geologic Processes Part II: Soil

Mineral Resources Part III

Study Questions: Soil and Mineral Resource

Investigations on the Cycling of Mercury (Peter Weiss)

Water Resources Part I

Water Resources Part II

Water Resources and Pollution Part III

Water Resources and Pollution Study Questions

Water Pollution Worksheet

Nonrenewable Energy Resources Part I



Aptos Creek Supplement: Field Parameters

How to write the Aptos Creek Research Report

Aptos Creek Project Equipment List

Internet Resources  /  Web Links

Do You Know Where Your Oil Comes From?

Perspectives on disaster; Geologic Hazards

Arctic icecap melting faster than forecast

Superstorms and storm surges

USGS - US Geological Survey

List of Marine related resources

Water Quality Reports

Article:"Scientific Papers that deny Climate Change are Flawed"

Get Outside! Careers in the Great Outdoors


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