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Physical Geology 10

Bladed Selenite Gypsum, CaSO4.nH2O

Physical Geology 10  Fall 2018

Lectures: M/W 9:30 - 10:50am

Labs: Fri 9:00 - 11:50 or 12:00 - 2:50

Course Information:

Introduction to the phenomena and basic principles of geology with laboratory exercises illustrating the nature of minerals, rocks, geological processes, and the use and interpretation of topographic and geologic maps. Transfer Credit: Transfers to CSU. Transfers to UC. CAN GEOL 2.

Fall 2018 Syllabus


READ: Carers in the Geosciences and

Careers in Geology


Igneous Rocks / Crystallization of a Magma

Sedimentaary Rocks

Stratigraphy & Sedimentary Structures

Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks

Geologic Time

Plate Tectonics

Earthquakes and the Earth's Interior

Rock Deformation / Structural Geology

Mass Wasting / Slope Failure

Rivers and Streams


Exam I Study Guide

Exam II Study Guide


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