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            Introduction to Oceanography 10

General Course Information

Oceanography 10 is taught as a tradition "face to face" course with lectures in the Forum Room 450 every semester. It is also taught in a hybrid Online course format. Both coures are extremely similar in content and focus on some of the more important phenomena in oceanography; geological, chemical, physical and biological relationships. Both courses can be taken for a letter grade or for the Pass/Non Pass grade option. Both versions of Oceanography 10 transfer to UC and CSU.

Oceanography 10 Spring 2019 Syllabus

Oceanography 10 Spring 2019 ONLINE Syllabus

Spring 2019 COI/Cabrillo Marine Debris Monitoring and Training Program

Spring 2019 Oceanography 10 Lectures:

T/TH 11:10am - 12:30pm, Erica Schilling Forum; Room 450

Labs: Tuesday 8:00am - 10:50am and 12:40 - 3:50pm

All Labs are in Room 705



All online students should go to Canvas the first Monday of the semester and begin the course. Please open the link directly below this and read the content about the online course discussion rules very carefully.

Important Note to the Online Oceanography Students: Welcome and Discussion Rules


Moran Lake Beach overwash



The 36th Bi-Annual Corcoran Lagoon and Coastal Cleanup

Lecture Outlines  /  Topic Study Guides

Introduction to Ocedanography_First Day

New Geologic Time Numbers

Brief Outline of History of Oceanography

Brief History Slide Show

Sea Floor Topography Slide Show

Drain the Ocean_ Movie_ very cool

Ocean Basin Evolution Slide Show

Ocean Basin Evolution Outline/Study Guide

Marine Sediment Slide Show

Marine Sediment outline by RH

Marine Sediment Outline by KB

Coastal Processes Part I

Coastal Processes Part II

Seawater Chemistry Outline/Study Guide

Seawater Chemistry pdf Slide Show

Midterm Exam Study Guide

Ocean Currents Slide Show

Ocean Currents Outline/Study Guide

Waves Outline/Study Guide

Waves Slide Show Part I

Waves Slide Show Part II

Tides Outline/Study Guide

Tides Slide Show

Sea Level History Outline/Study Guide

Sea Level History Slide Show

Marine Ecology / Distribution of Life Slide Show

Plankton and Primary Production Slide Show

Nekton Slide Show

Ecology & Plankton Outline/Study Guide

Marine Biology Key Terms/Study Guide

Generalized Plankton Outline

Final Exam Study Guide


Beach Profile Example Data Sheet

Beach Profile Data Sheet

Pictures of Erosion Control Structures for the Beach Erosion Map

Rubric for Beach Erosion Map

Ocean 10 Lab Answer Key

How to write the Beach Profile Report

Who's doing Marine Science and Education in Monterey Bay

How Polluted Oceans Hurt Us and How We Can Protect Them

Get Outside! Careers in the Great Outdoors


Internet Resources

This Dynamic Planet (Map Link)


USGS - US Geological Survey

Global Wave Model/ WAM

Sonar Mapping Methods

Resources in Marine Science

Video on Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Algalita Marine Research Foundation

How the Earth was Made

The Mechanics of Teahupo'o in Tahiti

The Billabong Pro at Teahupo'o, August 2011

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