Chemistry 5 Analytical Chemistry


Lecture Schedule(word)

Laboratory outline(word)

Laboratory Information(word)

Good Laboratory Practices(word)

Laboratory Notebook Requirements(word)

Lecture Notes:

Section 01 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry(powerpoint)

Section 02 Basic Tools and Operations of Analytical Chemistry(powerpoint)

Section 03 Data Handling and Statistics(powerpoint)

Section 04 Good Laboratory Practices(powerpoint)

Section 05 Stoichiometric Calculations(powerpoint)

Section 06 General Concepts of Equilibrium(powerpoint)

Section 07 Acid-Base Equilibria and Titrations(powerpoint)

Section 08 Complex Formation Titrations(powerpoint)

Section 09 Gravimetric Analysis(powerpoint)

Section 10 Electrochemistry(powerpoint)

Section 11 Potentiometric Electrodes and Titrations(powerpoint)

Section 12 Redox Titrimetry and Potentiometry(powerpoint)

Section 13 Analytical Voltammetry(powerpoint)


Chapter 02 Table 2.4(Excel)