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CIS 46 Course Resources

Security Threat Trends 2015

Chapter 1- Modern Network Security Threats

Why Social Networking Sites are a Favorite with Cybercriminals

Cisco eager to regain ground as network security leader

Is Cisco Back (as an enterprise security leader)?

Interview with Michael Calce ("Mafia Boy")

Chapter 2 - Securing Network Devices

Out of Band Network Management In The Data Center (Technical White Paper - WTI)

Out-of-Band Management: the IntegratedApproach to Remote IT Infrastructure Management

Out-of-Band Networking

Out-of-Band Management

SNMP Theory and Operation

SNMP, MIBs and OIDs – an Overview

SNMP Can Save Your Life - RouterJockey

SNMPv3 - Do It Now

Network Time Protocol Vulnerabilities

Network Time Protocol Daemon Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Chapter 3 - Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

Basic AAA Configuration on IOS (PacketLife)

Cisco IOS Security Command Reference (type 8 and 9 passwords)

Monitoring Authentication Attempts on Cisco Routers with Syslog


Cisco Security Brochure

Chapter 4 - Implementing Firewall Technologies

The History of the Next-Generation Firewall

Reflexive Access Control Lists

Context-Based Access Control (CBAC)

Object Groups for ACLs

The Use of Object Groups

Next Generation Firewall Reports

Guide to Choosing Next Generation Firewall

Enterprise Firewall Vendors to Watch

Understanding Zone-Based Firewalls

Chapter 5 - Implementing Intrusion Prevention

Host-Based versus Network-Based IPS

What is an Intrusion Prevention System?

IPS Software Blade (CheckPoint)

IPS for Home Networks

IPS Vendors

NSS Labs IPS Research

Network Design: Firewall, IDS/IPS

IPS Fundamental: Signatures and Actions

IDS versus IPS

Fundamentals of IPS

How does IPS Work?

Signature Engines

Chapter 6 - Securing the Local Area Network

Storm Control

BPDU Guard vs BPDU Filter

VoIP Security

Wireless Security

Chapter 7 - Cryptography

Vigenère Cipher

DES Modes

Journey Into Cryptography (Khan Academy)

Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange

Modular Arithmetic (Khan)

Chapter 8 - Implementing Virtual Private Networks

How to Configure GRE on Cisco IOS Router

Configuring Point-to-Point GRE Tunnels

Modern Cryptography

Diffie-Hellman Groups

IPSec Transport Mode versus Tunnel Mode

IPSec Key Exchange

IPSec Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels (Keith Barker: 19 mins)

IPsec site to site tunnel: Palo Alto to Cisco (Keith Barker: 14 mins)

AH vs ESP and ISKAKMP vs IPSec in VPN tunnels (18 mins)

Cisco SSL VPN vs IPSec VPN (15 mins)

Troubleshooting VPN Connections

Chapter 9 - Implementing the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance

Internet Firewall Basics

Firewall Mode Overview

11 Things about Using a Transparent Mode or Layer 2 Firewall

Object Groups in ASA

Advanced Network Object Groups Practice Cisco ASA

Chapter 10 - Managing a Secure Network

System Development Cycle - Part 1

System Development Cycle - Part 2

Information Security Policies

Information Security Policy Templates

Cyber Threat Analysis

IT Risk Management

Cybersecurity Operations Center Strategies

18 Free Security Tools for SysAdmins

Network Performance Testing

Business Continuity Action Plan

Executive Titles

Security Awareness Training

























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