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CIS 83 Course Resources

Scaling Networks

General Links

Keith Barker CCNA Playlist

Chapter 1- Introdcution to Scaling Networks

Redundancy and Auto-healing for your IT Infrastructure

Chapter 2 - LAN Redundancy

Get Things done despite SPOF

Chapter 5 - Adjust and Troubleshoot Single-Area OSPF

OSPF Cheat Sheet - PacketLife

OSPF as Distance Vector Protocol

OSPF Neighbor States

OSPF Timers

OSPF Overview

OSPF Link State Database

OSPF Link State Database (video)

OPSF Neighbor Selection (video)

OSPF LSA Types for IPv4 (Keith Barker) (video)

OSPF E1 and E2 Routes

Shortest Path First Topology

Chapter 7 - EIGRP

Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL)

EIGRP and Diffusing Update Algorithm (DUAL)

Chapter 8 - Advanced EIGRP

Supernetting Class C Networks

EIGRP automatic & manual summarization

EIGRP Feasible Successor Route

IOS Versions and Naming

Connecting Networks

Chapter 2 - Connecting to the WAN

Introduction to WAN Technologies (Cisco)

Switched Ethernet

Chapter 3 - WAN Protocols

Troubleshooting Serial Lines

PPP Cheat Sheet

Understanding and Configuring PPP CHAP

CCNA/CCNP Tutorial: Ttoubleshooting Serial Interfaces

Troubleshooting PPP

Understanding Debug ppp Negotiation Output

Chapter 5 - IPv4 NAT

Understanding NAT Address Types

Internet Society

Configure Dynamic NAT on Cisco Router

NAT Virtual Interface

Access Control List (Keith Barker)

Standard ACLs (Part 1)

NAT Virtual Interface

Chapter 7 - Securing Site-to-Site Connectivity

Where would you need GRE?

GRE versus IPIP Tunneling

Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange

Journey into Crytpography

An Overview of Cryptography

Understanding IPSec Modes

How to Confugre GRE Tunnel

IPSec Site-to-Site VPN tunnel (Keith Barker)

DH Key Exchange

Chapter 8 - Monitoring the Network

How to build an out-of-band management network

SNMP Operation (video)

Understanding and Configuring SNMP Version 3

SNMP Basics

SNMP Object Navigator

Chapter 9 - Troubleshooting the Network

Network Diagrams - Highly Rated

Network Documentation Physical Diagram

Automated Network Documentation



























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