This page is for those who are interested in the classical guitar classes at Cabrillo.




MUSIC 33A - Beginning Classical Guitar

JUST DO IT: First off - if you are a serious guitar player (you know who you are) and you don't read music, learn it now. There won't be a time later where you say to yourself, "Boy what a waste of time learning to read music turned out to be". Even if you play all by ear, reading helps....

WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS CLASS?: Anyone who wants to play fingerstyle guitar will benefit from the techniques taught in this class.This course is designed for the beginning guitarist. Experienced guitarists may find he class useful for learning to read music on the guitar and for the development of efficient fingerstyle technique through the classical approach.

CLASS FEATURES: Individualized instruction on technique. Sight treading and duet playing a class format. Learning solo pieces to perform for others. Weekly in-class videos of famous classical guitarists to provide an overview of the classical guitar repertoire and players. Performance in the recital hall with the intermediate class on the semi-annual Spring/Fall Cabrillo Guitar Ensemble concert.

TEACHING PHILOSOPHY: My tastes range from Bach to Zappa. Efficient right and left hand techniques are essential to good guitar playing in any style. This class outlines the Conservatory approach and standards for classical guitar technique. These techniques can be applied across a wide variety of styles. I offer students individual feedback on technique at least once a class session. Through hard work and constant feedback and adjustment, it is possible to end up with a solid foundation in guitar technique by the end of a semester.




MUSIC 47 - Guitar Ensemble

WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS CLASS?: Students who have completed 33A and would like to continue to improve their guitar skills. Students who have some experience with reading on guitar and fingerstyle technique. Community members who are looking to improve their skills and participate in a Classical guitar performing group. Guitar majors who are looking for performance experience and instruction in the classical style as a preparation to transfer to a 4 year college in pursuit of a music degree.

CLASS FEATURES: Instruction and exercises in guitar technique. Weekly sight-reading practice. Rehearsal and performance of guitar orchestra repertoire in a large guitar ensemble format. Opportunity for students to practice conducting a guitar ensemble. Numerous opportunities to perform in the class room and in the recital hall. Weekly listening examples with scores. Guidance in selection of solo repertoire suited to one's ability level. Large collection of solo and ensemble repertoire available to students.

END OF SEMESTER CONCERT: Class members put on a concert at the end of the semester in the recital hall. Students have the opportunity to perform solos, duos, trios and the large ensemble pieces that were rehearsed during the semester. Student conductor on one of the ensemble selections. Performance with the beginning class.

STUDENT COMPOSER SERIES: I feel that it is important to play music of our time. The class has been commissioning new ensemble works from talented student composers. We have been debuting new compostions over the last few years. Other student composition activities have included class composition projects such as "Let's Build a Fake Romance" and the "Gesture Series". These projects netted compositions that were performed on the class concert at the end of the semester.

THE RECITAL HALL: This is a special resource that Cabrillo guitar students can utilize. The sound of guitar in this hall is quite amazing. Students have supervised access to the hall several times a semester.

TEACHING PHILOSOPHY: Students in this class are able to customize their learning experience to fit their interests. I help students realize their goals with the guitar through a variety of methods. I offer students individual critique on technique and repertoire as well the opportunity to perform for the class. I can help you get to where you want to go with the instrument.