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Gabby Rodriguez Huezo

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Math 142 — Online Course—Spring 2018

Online Orientation

    • NO in-person orientation.
    • Read all the info carefully!
    • This class DOES NOT USE CANVAS
    • IMPORTANT: Did you talk to a counselor about this course? As stated in the Schedule of Classes, this course ONLY satisfies the prerequisite for Math 10, Math 12, and Math15; NOT the other transfer level math courses.I STRONGLY recommend you double check with a counselor to make sure this course is the correct one to take for your major.

STEP 1: Read the following handouts:

      • Basic Info Handout — Spring 2018: Welcome; a warning; what is required for course
      • Syllabus — Spring 2018: Course policies, expectations, info
      • Pacing — Spring 2018: Dates for hw, exams, final, and Cabrillo holidays.
      • NOTE: The hw due the first week can be done late without penalty BUT If you anticipate needing more than a few days to get your accesscode please make use of the temporary access made available by the MyLab site. See last bulleted item in Step 4 below.

STEP 2: Fill out the Student Information Form.

      • All online students are required to fill it out no later than the FIRST DAY OF THE SEMESTER.
      • Students who are on the waitlist (or not on the waitlist but want to add) are also required to fill out the form.
      • If you decide this online course is not for you, then please drop the course using WebAdvisor.

STEP 3: View the videos and fill out Online Orientation Form (this form is the last bulleted item in this step)

  • Note: The MyLab website has done some re-structuring. You will see different names while using the MyLab site: MyMathLab, Coursecompass, Pearson and PearsonMyLabandMastering...all refer to the same site.
  • It will help if you use the 'full screen' option for the following videos. If you will be watching these in a public place, take headphones with you so you can listen to the info.
  • Videos to watch:
  • Online Orientation FormYou will see a 'Thank you' page after submitting this form. Write down the course id you will see on that page.

STEP 4: Get started!

  • You are now ready to get your MyLab account. You can get your MyLab account starting Friday, January 26.
  • If you need further instructions, see this webpage: MyLab webpage.
  • If you are re-taking this course using MyMathLab AND you took it last semester, then you DO NOT need to pay for access again. You just need to register for a 'new section'. Use the new course id.
  • Temporary Acces sfor 14 days to the MyMathLab site is available! You are essentially following the steps of getting a 'regular' account but clicking on the Temporary Access link. Screenshot of this step. PLEASE don't get behind on homework.


Last Updated: January 26, 2018


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