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Gabby Rodriguez

Instructor since 1998

Gabby Rodriguez

Should I take Math 254CM or Math 254A?

To be eligible to take Math 154 you must pass Math 254A and Math 254B, or pass Math 254CM. Here is some information to help you decide which of these two options is a bettere fit for you.

Math 254CM
On–campus sections
Math 254CM
Online section
Math 254A, then Math 254B
Mode of Instruction Taught on a computer; a few lectures throughout the semester I use the same textbook as Math 254A/Math254B along with the online site MyLab. (Note: Other online instructors may use the same material as the on campus Math 254CM sections.) Traditional — teacher lectures at every class meeting
Time 1 semester 1 semester 2 semesters
Cost $60-79?? software license fee; license valid for one year $85 accescode fee;
valid for one year
Same textbook is used for both semesters; $162+tax for new textbook; less if buy used textbook or buy online; book can be sold back to the bookstore
Pros Software used is interactive Online lectures can be viewed as often as needed; online tool that works out problems step-by-step Slower paced than Math 254CM since material is covered over two semesters
Cons Does not cover linear equations in same depth; faster paced than Math 254A/Math254B Faster paced than Math254A/Math254B; must come to campus for in-person help None I can think of


August 9, 2013

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