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1-3 Types of Data .....(text version)

3-2, 3-3 Working With a Frequency Distribution...(text version)

4-3 The Addition Rule (Working With "OR").....(text version)

4-4, 4-5 The Mult. Rule (Working With "AND")...(text version)

4-4, 4-5 Conditional Probability...(text version)

6-2, 6-3 The Normal Distribution ...(text version)

Ch 7 Critical Values ...(text version)

Ch 8 Type I and Type II Errors...(text version)

8-3 Hypothesis Test example...(text version)

10-2, 10-3 Linear Correlation and Regression...(text version)
Note: the data for this lecture is not in the current edition, but can be found here.