Mus 11a; Jazz Appreciation:                                                                                              

Writing A Jazz Appreciation Review




Name of Album/Main Artist/ or Band Name

If live show, include location and date




List Players in Band                                                                        List Tunes by Name

            __________________                                                                        __________________

            __________________                                                                        __________________

            __________________                                                                        __________________




!st Paragraph: Introduction. Overview/General info, Set the tone (positive or negative) of the review.           




2nd Paragraph: Comments. Include observations/opinions. Mention a few tunes and musicians

by name with specific comments. Vary length of comments.




3rd paragraph: Summary. Also general comments. Summarize  first 2 paragraphs. Wrap up.      





Note: remember these reviews are written as if you are a published columnist/reviewer.  Do not mention instructor or class unless appropriate/relevant. Grade is determined by content, adherence to form, and if turned in on time. Papers must be written using a word processor, no hand written papers will be accepted.


Jazz Review Grading/Evaluation Rubric


Grade/Points: Content/Qualities


A/95:  Outstanding work. Adherence to review format. Complete and insightful description of content with supportive material. Creativity. Good writing style, spelling and punctuation.


B/85: A good overall presentation of material. Use of form. Good writing style, spelling, and punctuation.


C/75:  A fair presentation of material displaying a minimal amount of effort, insight, and content. Some grammatical and spelling errors.


D/65:  Overall poor quality, exceptionally brief, displaying little or no effort at understanding material. Numerous grammatical and/or spelling errors.


F/50:  Did not make the effort to turn in a paper.