English 1A Schedule Summer, 2015  



Assignments listed on the right should be completed before midnight on the due date on the left..

Due Date

Assignment Due

Monday, June 15

Course Begins
Review Syllabus
Begin "How to Mark a Book"
Begin Essay 1

Monday, June 22

Finish "How to Mark a Book"
Quiz 1: Syllabus Review
Quiz 2: How to Mark a Book
Discussion 1: Introduce Yourself
Course Notes: The Writing Process

Monday, June 29

"How to Say Nothing in 500 Words"
Kurt Vonnegut on Writing
from Palm Sunday.
Quiz 3: Compare Vonnegut and Roberts
Discussion 3
Essay Draft 1 Due
Pocket Style Manual pp. 1-15

Lectures 4, 4 Addendum and 5
Essay 1 Due

Friday, July 4 Independence Day Holiday

Monday, July 6

Essay 2 Due 
Lectures 4, 4 Addendum and 5
Review Lecture 6, Quoting part 1
Read Fallacious Arguments
Read Logical Fallacies from Purdue OWL
Quiz 5: Logical Fallacies
Essay Draft 2

Watch A.S.S. Method Powerpoint
Lectures 4, 4 Addendum and 5

Monday, July 13

Essay 3 Due
Discussion 4
Quiz 3
Quiz 4

Monday July 20

Essay 4 Due

Monday, July 27

Read Sample Essay 1
Read Sample Essay 2
Discussion 5: Comparison of Sample Essays
Read Lecture 7 Research and Notetaking
Read Course Notes: The Research Process
Quiz 8: Source evaluation

Monday, August 3

Qui 9: Fact checking, Wikipedia, Plagiarism
Quiz 10: Annotated Bibliography

Read Lecture 8: MLA and Notetaking
Read "The Charms of Wikipedia"
Read Huffington Post article on plagiarism

Friday, August 7

Research Report Due