English 1A Schedule Fall 2014

Assignments listed on the right should be completed before the date on the left.

S.U.S. =
Science Under Siege.

P.S.M. = Pocket Style Manual.


Assignment Due

Tuesday, Sept 2

Course Begins
Review Syllabus

Begin Essay 1: Article Summary
S.U.S. pp. 65-77

Monday, Sept 8

Read "How to Mark a Book"
Quiz 1: Syllabus Review
Quiz 2: How to Mark a Book
Discussion 1: Introduce Yourself
Course Notes: The Writing Process

S.U.S. pp. 65-77

Monday, Sept. 15

Essay Draft 1 Due
"How to Say Nothing in 500 Words"

Kurt Vonnegut on Writing
from Palm Sunday.
Discussion 2: Compare Vonnegut and Roberts

Monday, Sept. 22

Essay 1: Article Summary Due
Begin Essay 2: Evolution

S.U.S. pp. 91-112
Quiz 3: Intelligent Design
 Discussion 3: Evolutionary & Religious Reconciliation
NASA Chart on Scientific Method
Last Day to Request P/NP option

Monday, Sept 29

 S.U.S. pp.  113-132
Fallacious Arguments
Logical Fallacies from Purdue OWL
Quiz 4: Summarize Evolutionary Myths
Quiz 5: Logical Fallacies

Saturday, October 4
Last day to request pass/no-pass option

Monday, October 6

Essay Draft 2
Watch Evolution and Human Equality parts 1 and 2
Discussion 4: Society and Science

Monday, October 13

Essay 2: Evolution Due
Begin Essay 3: Health Concerns
S.U.S. pp. 185-197
Discussion 5: Vaccinations

Monday, October 20

 S.U.S. pp. 290-297, 311-314, 318-328
Quiz 6: Problems with Healing Methods
Discussion 6: Alternative Medicine

Monday, October 27

Essay Draft 3 Due
S.U.S. pp. 252-267
Discussion 7: Prayer and Healing

Monday, November 3

Essay 3: Health concerns Due
Begin Essay 4: The Paranormal
S.U.S. pp. 84-88
Quiz 7: Misplaced Rationalism

Watch The Secrets of Psychics

Monday, November 10 Veterans' Day Holiday

Tuesday, November 11

Essay Draft 4 Due
Watch The Secrets of Psychics
 S.U.S. pp. 268-288, 298-310, 329-356
Quiz 8: Anomalous Cognition

Monday, November 17

Essay 4: The Paranormal Due
Begin Research Report
S.U.S. pp. 357-361
Discussion 8: Patently False

P.S.M. pages 88-103

November 22 Last day to drop a full-term section with a grade of "W"

Monday, November 24

Last Day to drop with W grade
 "The Charms of Wikipedia"
Huffington Post article on plagiarism
Discussion 9: Plagiarism and Wikipedia
Quiz 9: Topic Proposal
Continue research

P.S.M. pages 100-118

November 27-28

Thanksgiving Holiday

Monday, December 1

Read Sample Essay 1
Read Sample Essay 2
Quiz 10: Source summary

Discussion 10: Comparison of Sample Essays
P.S.M. pages 121-162
Continue Research

Monday, December 8

Research Report Draft Due
P.S.M. pages 121-162

Monday, December 15

Research Report Due