English 1A Summer 2015 Schedule

Section 90209

Assignments on the right should be completed before the date on the left.

Schedule is subject to change.

 updated 6/12/2015

Due Date

Assignment Due

Monday, June 15
Course Begins.
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Discussion 1: Introduce Yourself
Essay 1

Thursday, June 18


Discussion 1: Introduce Yourself

Quiz 1: Syllabus Review

Quiz 2:Observation Notes

Read Course Notes: The Writing Process

Read Lecture 03: Writing Process
Watch "The Writing Process" video
Watch another Essay Structure video

Watch video on carelessness
Read "MLA Formatting and Style Guide"
Watch "Descriptive Writing" video


Monday, June 22

Essay 1 Due

Begin "How to Mark a Book"

Begin "How to Say Nothing in 500 Words"

Begin Kurt Vonnegut on Writing from Palm Sunday.
Begin Essay 2

Thursday, June 25


Finish "How to Mark a Book"

Finish "How to Say Nothing in 500 Words"

Finish Kurt Vonnegut on Writing from Palm Sunday.


Monday, June 29

Review Lectures 1-3

Read Lectures 4, 4 Addendum, and 5

Watch A.S.S. Method Powerpoint

Quiz 3: How to Mark a Book

Quiz 4: Compare Vonnegut and Roberts

Quiz 5: Modes of Development / A.S.S. Method

Thursday, July 2


Read Fallacious Arguments

Read Logical Fallacies from Purdue OWL

Quiz 6: Logical Fallacies

Read "Sentence Fragments"
Read "Comma Splices"

Read "Using Pronouns Clearly"

Watch pronoun agreement movie
Quiz 7: Common Grammar Mistakes


Friday, July 3


Monday, July 6

Essay 2 Due

Begin Essay 3

Thursday, July 9


Read Readings on Technology
Read "
When I Lost My Innocence"

Watch Mythbusters on Dangers of Technology

Discussion 2: Technology
Read Lecture 6, Quoting part 1

Monday, July 13

Essay 3 Due
Begin Begin Essay 4

Thursday, July 16


Read "Triage" from Palm Sunday
Read "What are the True Costs and Returns of College?"

Read Huffington Post articles on education

Discussion 3: Education


Monday July 20

Essay 4 Due

Begin Research Report

Thursday, July 23


Watch "How to Write a Great Research Paper"
Read "Conducting Research and Citing Sources"
Read Course Notes:
The Research Process

Read Lecture 7: Research and Notetaking

Monday, July 27

Read Lecture 8: MLA and Notetaking

Read "The Charms of Wikipedia"

Read "A Patently False Myth--Still"

Quiz 8: Source Evaluation

Discussion 4: Fact Checking

Thursday, July 30


Read Lecture 09: MLA Basics
Quiz 9: Annotated Bibliography

Read Sample Essay 1

Read Sample Essay 2

Discussion 5: Sample Essays

Monday, August 3

Review Lecture 5: Revision and Editing

Read "7 Ways to Eradicate the Copulative"
Watch "Writing Concise Sentences"
Watch "College English Editing Video 2"

Quiz 10: Editing Techniques

Last day for instructor contact points


Thursday, August 6

Research Report Due