English 1A Fall 2015 Schedule

Section 89314

Assignments on the right should be completed before the date on the left.

RP = The Rhetorical Process textbook
Please note: Exercises in RP are voluntary, not required.

PSM  = Pocket Style Manual

This Schedule is subject to change. Check it regularly.

Additional Readings from Pocket Style Manual may be assigned individually.

updated 9/19/2015

Due Date

Assignment Due

Monday, August 31
Course Begins
Log in to Blackboard
Begin Discussion 1: Introduce Yourself
Read syllabus and course requirements
Essay 1
Begin RP chapters-1-2 (pages 1-25 only)
Watch "Descriptive Writing" video
Begin "Two Views of the Mississippi" in RP (pp.
Begin "A Hanging" by George Orwell
Read "1st vs. 3rd Person"
Read "Writing in the Third Person"
Read "Prefer Active Verbs" pages 5-7 and "Pronouns" pages 32-39 PSM.

Monday, September 7

Labor Day Holiday

Week 1
Due Tuesday, September 8


Discussion 1: Introduce Yourself

Quiz 1: Syllabus Review

Quiz 2:Observation Notes

Watch video on carelessness
Read "MLA Formatting and Style Guide"
Watch "Descriptive Writing" video

Finish  RP chapters-1-2 (pages 1-25 only)
Finish "
A Hanging" by George Orwell

Finish "Two Views of the Mississippi" in RP (pp. 243-245)
Read "Prefer Active Verbs" pages 5-7 and "Pronouns" pages 32-39 PSM.

Week 2
Due Monday, September 14

Essay 1 Due

Begin "How to Mark a Book"

Begin "How to Say Nothing in 500 Words"

Begin Kurt Vonnegut on Writing from Palm Sunday.
Begin Essay 2
Begin RP chapter 4
Begin RP chapters 8-9
Begin RP chapter 11 (pp. 181-185)
Read "Supporting a Thesis" pages 107-109 PSM.

Week 3
Monday September 21


Finish "How to Mark a Book"

Finish "How to Say Nothing in 500 Words"

Finish Kurt Vonnegut on Writing from Palm Sunday.

Read Course Notes: The Writing Process

Read Lecture 03: Writing Process
Watch "The Writing Process" video
Watch another Essay Structure video

Finish RP chapter 4
RP Chapters 8-9
Finish RP chapter 11 (pp. 352-359)

Quiz 3: How to Mark a Book

Quiz 4: Compare Vonnegut and Roberts

Week 4
Monday, September 28

Read RP chapters 5-6 (pp. 63-97)
Review Lectures 1-3
Read RP Chapters 14-15
Review RP Chapter 1

Read Lectures 4, 4 Addendum, and 5

Watch A.S.S. Method Powerpoint

Quiz 5: Modes of Development / A.S.S. Method

Saturday, October 3
Last day to request Pass/No pass option

Week 5
Monday, October 5


Read Fallacious Arguments

Read Logical Fallacies from Purdue OWL

Read "Sentence Fragments"
Read "Comma Splices"

Read "Using Pronouns Clearly"

Watch pronoun agreement movie

Read RP Chapters 3, 12-13, and "Appendix"

Read PSM pp. 12-14, 32-29, 42-46
Quiz 6: Logical Fallacies
Quiz 7: Common Grammar Mistakes

Week 6
Monday, October 12

Essay 2 Due

Begin Essay 3

Week 7
Monday, October 19


Read Readings on Technology
Read "
When I Lost My Innocence"

Watch Mythbusters on Dangers of Technology

Discussion 2: Technology
Read Lecture 6, Quoting part 1

Read RP Chapter 9
Read PSM pages 70-73,113-124

Week 8
Monday, October 26

Essay 3 Due
Begin Begin Essay 4

Week 9
Monday, November 2


Read "Triage" from Palm Sunday
Read "What are the True Costs and Returns of College?"

Read Huffington Post articles on education

Discussion 3: Education

Week 10
Monday, November 9

Essay 4 Due

Begin Research Report
Begin pp. PSM pp. 90-105

Friday November 13 Veteran's Day Holiday

Week 11
Monday, November 16


Watch "How to Write a Great Research Paper"
Read "Conducting Research and Citing Sources"
Read Course Notes:
The Research Process

Read Lecture 7: Research and Notetaking

RP Chapter 10

Continue PSM pp. 90-105
Skim PSM pp. 106-172 (MLA Research section)

Saturday, November 21

Last day to drop with a W grade

Week 12
Monday, November 23

Read Lecture 8: MLA and Notetaking

Read "The Charms of Wikipedia"

Read "A Patently False Myth--Still"

Quiz 8: Source Evaluation

Discussion 4: Fact Checking
Continue PSM 106-172 (MLA Research section)

Thursday, November 26 Thanksgiving Holiday

Friday, November 27 Thanksgiving Holiday

Week 13
Monday, November 30


Read Lecture 09: MLA Basics

Refer to RP "Appendix" Brief Documentation Guide (pp. 490-510)
Quiz 9: Annotated Bibliography

Read Sample Essay 1

Read Sample Essay 2

Discussion 5: Sample Essays

Continue PSM 106-172 (MLA Research section)

Week 14
Monday, December 7

Refer to RP "Appendix" Brief Documentation Guide (pp. 490-510)
Review Lecture 5: Revision and Editing

Read "7 Ways to Eradicate the Copulative"
Watch "Writing Concise Sentences"
Watch "College English Editing Video 2"

Quiz 10: Editing Techniques
Last day for instructor contact points

Continue PSM pp. 106-172 (MLA Research section)

Read PSM pp. 1-6

Week 15
Monday, December 14

Research Report Due