English 1A Fall 2016 Schedule

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Assignments on the right should be completed before midnight prior to date on the left.

Note: Chapters from Pocket Style Manual may also be assigned individually.

This Schedule is subject to change. Check it regularly.

updated 8/15/2016


Assignment Due

Monday, August 29

Course Begins
Read English 1A Syllabus
Review English 1A Schedule

Read Lecture 1: Getting Started
Read "Critical Reading"
Begin Essay 1: Objective Observation
Read "How to Write an Observation Essay"


  Friday, September 2
  Read "What is an Essay?"
Finish Lecture 1: Getting Started`
  Read Lecture 1A: Expectations
Read "1st vs 3rd person"
Read "Using Appropriate Tone in Academic Writing"
  Read "For Students in Internet Age, No Shame in Copy and Paste."

Quiz 1: Introduction and Syllabus
  Monday,September 5   Labor Day Holiday

Tuesday, September 6


Review "How to Write an Observation Essay"
"Objective vs. Subjective Writing"
Read Sample Observation Essay
Read "A Salp Bloom"
Skim "Clinical Observation Reflections"
Discussion 1

  Friday, September 9   Quiz 2: Observation Notes

Monday, September 12

Essay 1: Objective Observation due

Begin Essay 2: Exposition or Persuasion

Monday, September 19

Read Lecture 2: Essay Basics
Read Lecture 4: Paragraph Development

Read Pocket Style Manual pages 105-106 "Supporting a Thesis."
Read  "This Analytical Essay Outline Will Kick Start Your Writing."

Read "Expository Essays"
Read "Body Paragraphs"
Read "On Paragraphs"
Read "Use Concrete, Specific Examples"
Read "Rhetorical Modes Chart"
Watch A.S.S. PowerPoint

Watch "Modes of Development" PowerPoint
Quiz 3: Paragraph Development

  Monday, September 26  Read "How to Say Nothing in 500 Words"
 Read "Triage" in Palm Sunday, chapter 4.

 Read "Using Appropriate Tone in Academic Writing"
 Quiz 4: Roberts and Vonnegut
  Saturday, October 1
  Last day to request pass/no-pass option

  Monday, October 3   Read Lecture 3: The Writing Process
  Read Lecture 5: Revision
  Read Lecture 7: Style, Wordiness, Clarity
  Read "Seven Ways to Eradicate the Copulative"
  Read "Proofreading"
  Read Pocket Style Manual pages 1-45
  Read "Logical Fallacies"
Quiz 5: Logical Fallacies / Editing Skills
  Discussion 2

  Monday, October 10

  Essay 2: Exposition or Persuasion due
  Begin Essay 3: Education

  Monday, October 17

  Read "How to Mark a Book"
  Review "Critical Reading"
  Read Pocket Style Manual  pages 110-121 "Integrating Sources," Sections 31-32.
  Read Pocket Style Manual, pages 115-116, "Signal Phrases and Context."
  Read Lecture 6: Quoting
  Read "Integrate Quotations"
  Quiz 6: Using Quotes/Marking Books

  Monday, October 24

  Read "Triage" in Palm Sunday.
  Read "What are the True Costs and Returns of College?"
  Read "Student Loan Debt: Is College Tuition worth the Cost?"
  Read "
Is College Worth it? Goldman Sachs Says Not So  Much"
Read "Why College Isn’t (And Shouldn’t Have to Be) For Everyone"
Read "Stop Saying College Isn't for Everyone"
Discussion 3

  Tuesday, November 1

  Essay 3: Education due
  Begin Essay 4: Free Speech

  Monday, November 7

  Read "Prologue" in Palm Sunday
  Read "The First Amendment" in Palm Sunday
  Read "Coda"
  Read "Language vs. Lies"
  Watch George Carlin -- Soft Language
  Quiz 7: The Thomist Hierarchy

  Friday, November 11

  Veteran's Day Holiday
  Monday, November 14

  Read "Obscenity" and "Self-Interview" in Palm Sunday
  Read "Profanity" from Hocus Pocus
  Read "Mark Twain on Swearing"
  Read "Obscenity: The Case for a Free Market in Free Speech"
  Read "Obscene, Indecent, and Profane Broadcasts"
  Discussion 4
  Saturday, November 19

  Last day to drop a full-term section with a grade of W
  Monday, November 21

  Essay 4: Free Speech due
  Begin Research Report
  Read "Research Report Grading Rubric"

  Friday, November 23

 Thanksgiving Holiday
  Friday, November 24  Thanksgiving Holiday

  Monday, November 28

 Read Pocket Style Manual pages 87-103 "Research"
 Review Pocket Style Manual pages 104-121 "MLA Papers"
 Read Lecture 8: Research and Notetaking
 Read "Hancock's Note Taking Sample"
 Read "Conducting Research"
 Read "Judging Quality on the Web"
 Read "The Case Against Wikipedia"
 Read "A Patently False Myth--Still"
 Read "The Charms of Wikipedia"
 Quiz 8: Sass and Wikipedia
 Quiz 9: Source Evaluation

  Friday, December 2
  Read Lecture 9: MLA Citation
  Read Citation Formats Chart
  Review Pocket Style Manual pages 121-162 
  Read Pocket Style Manual pages 100-101
  Quiz 10: Annotated Bibliography

  Monday, December 5

  Read Sample Research Report 1
  Read Sample Research Report 2
  Discussion 5

   Friday, December 9   Last Day for Instructor Contact Points

   Monday, December 12
  Research Report due