English 100 Elements of Writing Syllabus

Instructor Information

Instructor: Mr. Hancock

Office Hour: arranged online

Phone: 477-5638

e-mail: jehancoc@cabrillo.edu

Course Description

English 100, Elements of Writing, develops writing skills in a variety of ways, including personal stories, essays, reports, and arguments.
Students read and discuss articles, complete timed writings, and prepare a portfolio of written work.
Students write, revise, and edit a minimum of 6,000 words.

Online Class

This is an online class, so students are expected to have a reliable internet connection and a good word processor.
They should also be familiar with Canvas learning management system.
Using a phone is not recommended for completing assignments, as the student will need a full screen and keyboard.


Focus on Writing: Paragraphs and Essays, 4th edition, ISBN: 9781319035297.
Available at the Cabrillo College Seahawk bookstore or any online merchant.
Prices range from $37.99 - $107.10

Semester Assignments

English Department Portfolio Information


By the end of the semester 1000 points are possible.
The course may be taken as Pass / No pass.
Students who wish to take the course on a Pass/No Pass basis must notify the instructor before October 6.

900-1000 points = A
800-899 points = B
700-799 poin6w = C / Pass
600-699 points =D / No Pass
000-599 points = F / No Pass

English 100L

English 100L is a co-requisite class for English 100. It is a lab class in which students work on grammar in small groups with a tutor.
It is available online and uses Canvas.

Course Policies

No Plagiarism

Plagiarism is copying. Do not copy. If you include writing which is not your own, you must use quotation marks and must explain the source of your information.
Assignments are submitted through the VeriCite program, which checks for plagiarism.

Penalty for plagiarism

Contact and Addressing Your Instructor

Your instructor likes to be called Mr. Hancock.

When you e-mail him, remember to include your full name and the reason for your writing.
Your e-mail should be free of spelling and grammar mistakes.
See pages 2-3 in Focus on Writing for details.

Late Work

Only essays are accepted late, and only with the instructor's permission beforehand.
Late essays will receive point deductions of 15 points for each day late.
Late essays are not accepted without instructor permission.

Discussions, Journals, Instructor Contact, and Practice exams are NOT accepted late. Student who miss them receive zeros on those assignments.

The English 100 portfolio is due on December 10 and cannot be submitted after that date. Students who do not submit a portfolio will not pass English 100.


Use good manners and follow rules of public decorum in discussion and in communication with your instructor and classmates.
Students who engage in disruptive behavior will be politely warned once and dropped from the class thereafter with a report to the Dean of Students.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is available for free, easy to use, and highly recommended. See Mr. Hancock for a referral.

Student Learner Outcomes

  1. -Write essays demonstrating sustained clarity of intention, awareness of audience, and various writing techniques.
  2. -Articulate responses to readings in various genres.

Course Objectives

  1. Sustain focus on a topic.
  2. Apply strategies to develop an essay using a variety of narrative, expository, and analytical techniques.
  3. Unify paragraphs and make clear transitions between them.
  4. Devise effective introductions and conclusions.
  5. Vary sentence length and establish connections among ideas, including the use of coordination and subordination.
  6. Write essays free of most distracting errors in syntax and mechanics.
  7. Recognize the importance in their writing of voice, tone, and careful diction in addressing an audience.
  8. Demonstrate awareness in their reading of tone, implication, inference, and irony, and distinguish fact from opinion.
  9. Read actively by annotating, paraphrasing, and summarizing; analyze and evaluate the ideas of other writers.
  10. Examine texts carefully to identify main points and the writer's point of view; observe the connections between individual parts and the whole.
  11. Search for relevant information and incorporate their findings appropriately into their writing.
  12. Develop well-organized responses to readings and answers to questions in essay exams, drawing reasonable conclusions and using specific evidence to support main points.

Complete a portfolio of out-of-class and timed writings that demonstrate the student has met the English 100 course objectives.

Accommodation for Disability

Students needing accommodations should contact the instructor ASAP. As required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accommodations are provided to ensure equal opportunity for students with verified disabilities. If you need assistance with an accommodation, please contact the ASC, Room 1073, 479-6379, or the Learning Skills Program, Room 1073, 479-6220.