Physics Applets

Learn Physics Using Java
An awesome collection of Physics Java Applets written by C.K. Ng. Many of these applets are one of a kind. In my opinion these are some of the best available on the web. 

Physics Applets by Walter Fendt
An outstanding collection of Physics Java Applets written by Dr. Walter Fendt. There are some really great applets to use as demos in class. 

Physlets from Davidson College
The Physlets resource page from Davidson College. This site contains all of the Physlets published in Wolfgang Christian’s book Physlets: Teaching Physics with Interactive Curricular Material.

Electricity and Magnetism Applets
Interactive electricity and magnetism applets from Molecular Expressions.

Light and Color Applets
Interactive light and color applets from Molecular Expressions. 

Physics 2000 Applets
Very cool applets on microwaves, TV screens, lasers, waves, and much more.

Physics Illuminations
Applets and interactive explanatory material for kinematics, dynamics, energy, and vectors.

BQ Learning
BQ Learning contains a searchable database of Physics animations and applets listed by topic.

Virtual Laboratory
Lots of physics applets covering a wide variety of topics written by Fu-Kwun Hwang.

Applets by Paul Falstad
This site has some good math, physics, and engineering applets written by Paul Falstad.

Physlets from University of Oregon
A collection of physics applets from the University of Oregon.

Physics Applets on JARS
A compilation of physics applets from JARS, the JAva Review Service.

Physlets from LTU
A collection of Physlets compiled and modified by Dr. Scott from LTU.

Compilation of Physlets
A compilation of Physlets from Physics Lab online.

Interactive Physics on the Web
Links to interactive physics sites compiled by Michigan Tech.

The Interactive Library
A listing of hundreds of cool physics java applets separated by topic.