Clicker Questions and Resources

Assessing-to-Learn Physics
This website provides public access to a large library of physics clicker questions. There are many excellent questions indexed by subject. 

Peer Instruction Problems
This website contains a collection of Peer Instruction problems sorted by subject. 

ConcepTests from CU Boulder
The website contains a collection of ConcepTests and course materials from CU Boulder. 

Interactive Learning Toolkit
The Interactive Learning Toolkit helps you implement innovative teaching ideas, such as Peer Instruction and Just-in-Time-Teaching, and to monitor your students' learning. You will need to create a free account to access the database of ConcepTests. 

Teaching with Classroom Response Systems
This is a great website from Derek Bruff , the author of Teaching With Classroom Response Systems. Some of the resources contained in the site include a blog, bibliography, clickers teaching guide, and three webinars. 

The University of Ohio Clicker Page
The is an excellent site from the University of Ohio. It contains numerous resources as well as a list of articles relating to clicker use. 

Student Response Systems
This web site is an overview of students response systems. It is based upon various faculties use of clickers at four University of Wisconsin campuses. It has useful faculty resources including a best practices guide. 

List of Different Classroom Response Systems
This website contains a list (including comments) of some of the classroom response systems available today.