Cool Physics Links

I will be adding new links as I come across cool websites so check back often. If know of any good websites or find a broken link on this page, please email me at .

New Sites:

Telescopes for Kids Resource Guide: great information about telescopes and astonomy at a level appropriate for kids (Thank you Sandra and her students at the Brenham Community Center in Texas!)
Simple Machines in Automobiles
: great information on machines presented at a level appropriate for kids (Thank you Gabby Roberts!)
Who Invented the Lightbulb
: interesting history of the invention of the lightbulb (Thank you Samantha!)
All About Heat: lots of great information about heat (Thank you to Jessica Young's class!)

Useful Sites
HowStuffWorks: wanna know how a car engine works? Look here.
HyperPhysics: AWESOME reference for all levels of physics - check it out!
Imagine the Universe: information about our universe including interactive activities
Physics Central: weekly physics feature magazine
Physics Time-Line: history of physics from 545 B.C. to 2000
PhysLink: daily physics and astronomy news
Questions of the Week: physics question of the week from The University of Maryland
Study Tips for Intro Physics Students: tips for how to succeed in physics
The Laws List: alphabetical list of laws and principles of physics
The Physics Classroom: AWESOME! - useful explanations and animations (intro level)
The Physics Zone: usefule reference for intro physics including many animated lessons

Interactive Physics Material
Applets by Paul Falstad: math and physics applets
Interactive Physics on the Web: links to interactive physics sites from MTU
Molecular Expressions E&M Applets: AWESOME interactive electricity and magnetism applets
Molecular Expressions Light and Color Applets: AWESOME interactive light and color applets
Physics 2000: applets on microwaves, TV screens, waves, and much more
Physics Illuminations: interactive explanatory material for kinematics, dynamics, and vectors
Powers of Ten: VERY COOL applet showing the powers of ten
The Interactive Library: hundreds of cool physics java applets
Virtual Laboratory: lots of physics applets covering a wide variety of topics

Physics Fun
DC Physics Humor: links to all sorts of physics humor from DC Physics
Physics Fun: physics cartoons, fun, and more

Ask an Astronomer: have an astronomy question? Ask an astronomer!
Astronomy Picture of the Day: see a new astronomical image or photograph every day
Nasa Homepage: everything NASA

Random Links (These sites have nothing to do with physics but are still cool.) get your daily dose of Dilbert
Daily Motivator: a great way to start your day free internet radio