Newton's Laws Problem 7

ratio of  masses: M / m=   Note: keep ratio above 0.4


A 10-kg mass is attached via a pulley to another variable mass m (position is in meters and time is in seconds). You can test the limits of the formula for the acceleration of an Atwood's machine by changing the ratio of the masses above. 


Which of the following are true?

  1. when  M=m    =>  a=g
  2. when  M=m    =>  a=0  
  3. when  M>>m  =>  a=g  
  4. when  M>>m  =>  a=0
  5. when  M<m    =>  a=0
  6. when  M<m    =>  a=g 
  7. when  M<m    =>  a<0

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