Jo-Ann Panzardi, PE
Chair/Faculty, Engineering Department
Office: Room 811

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Spring 2020 Office Hours

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
STEM Center, 834
9:00 am - 10:00 am
JP's Office, 811
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
JP's Office, 811
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
JP's Office, 811

Spring 2020 Courses

Graphics and Design


2:30 pm- 5:20 pm


Grant Projects

Engineering Abroad: Central America

Aug 2013


S-STEM Scholarship

Mar 2015

Feb 2020
Sustainabilty in STEM
Oct 2016
Sept 2021


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About Me...

My path to teaching engineering at Cabrillo College started when I was in elementary school in New York City.  I have always wanted to be a teacher.  I liked math and always enjoyed helping my friends with math.  When I hit high school; however, so many girls were choosing teaching and nursing as careers.  I wanted to be different and pursue something more unique.  Since I liked math and science and was intrigued by structures, I decided to study civil engineering.  Civil Engineering has many specialties.  I liked geotechnical engineering, so I choose this career path.  Maybe it was all those years as a kid playing in the dirt that I decided to be a geotechnical engineer.

When I hit graduate school and had the opportunity to teach, I loved it.  And, it was at that point that I decided that I wanted to teach engineering. Since it was important to me to bring real world engineering into the classroom, I worked as an engineer for seven years in the areas of surveying, construction, civil, and geotechnical engineering.

Once I moved to California, I learned about the community college system.  Its emphasis on teaching rather than on research made me realize that I wanted to teach engineering at a CC.  While living in Santa Cruz County, I started teaching part time at a number of CCs in the Bay Area.  In 1995, I landed the full-time position teaching engineering at Cabrillo.  I viewed this as a great achievement for all my hard work. 

At Cabrillo, we feel that engineering is a helping profession. Engineers use their technical, communication, and problem solving skills to design creative solutions for the betterment of people and the environment.

I love what I do: teach; coordinate the department; oversee grants to give students more opportunities; and be a part of the amazing community of highly motivated engineering students and the caring committed faculty.


I am the first in my family to attend college and I owe all my successes to my education. I received a BS in Civil Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York (which is now part of New York University, NYU) and a MS in Geotechnical Engineering from University of Maryland, College Park. And, I am a California licensed civil engineer (license no. 49538).



heartPrograms Near & Dear to my Heart:

Engineering Abroad
Engineering Department Scholarship
STEM Center
Engineering Student Clubs
Outreach to K-12
Our Engineering Lab
Cabrillo Engineering Alums





jill abroadEngineering Abroad Program

Explore engineering in another country through a hands-on
engineering service project helping a community and experience
a new culture at the same time.

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Engineering Department Scholarship Program

The Engineering Department awards $100,000+ in scholarships
per year to engineering students.

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STEM CenterSTEM Center

Your home away from home where computers and free tutoring and workshops
are provided.

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Engineering Student Clubs

Engineering students have formed the following clubs to participate in:

Engineering Society, Women in Science and Engineering, Robotics Club,
Engineering Abroad Club, Bike Coop, K-12 Outreach Club,
LUCES (Latinos United Cabrillo Engineering Students), and
SHIP (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)

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WISE: Alum/Current Student Brunch
K12 Outreach & Robotics Clubs: NBMS Underwater Rovers




STEM Center

Outreach to K-12

In many ways the Cabrillo engineering students expose children and young adults to engineering: STEM Open House; Girls in Engineering and Boys in Engineering middle school summer camps; after-school
engineering clubs at the local K-12 schools; and STEM Open Houses.

If you are interested...
email me at 

Info about Girls in Engineering Program:





Our Engineering Lab, Rm 810

Where all cool things happen…Design, Build, & Test





Cabrillo Engineering Alum

Those past engineering students who have gone on to earn their engineering degrees and now hold engineering positions in Santa Cruz County, California, nationwide and abroad. Thanks to them for their donationsto the scholarship funds and for coordinating tours, internships, and job shadowing activities.

Alum Reunion May 2013