ENGR 35 Statics

photo of students

    Jo-Ann Panzardi, PE
    Engineering Department

 Spring 2017 ENGR 35 Statics Schedule:
    9:30-10:50am, Rm 801

    Analyzes force systems on rigid bodies in static equilibrium using two- and three-dimensional models and vector and scalar analysis methods. Topics include distributed force systems, friction, couples, moments; shear and bending moment diagrams; analysis of trusses, frames, and beams; centroids/center of mass; area and mass moment of inertia.

  1. Demonstrate ability to select and execute appropriate methods for analyzing a structure as a rigid body subject to force systems.
  2. Analyze the constraining reaction needed to maintain static equilibrium on rigid bodies acted on by force systems using both two- and three-dimensional models.
  3. Analyze the internal distribution of bending and shear forces on a rigid body.